Found this non game breaking bug Enjoy


Heh, smacking air.

lol so useless to do but fun to see.


I imagine him giving a little “Nyeh” with each bounce. Glorious.

Didn’t they just fix something similar with Sadira? The opponent would block Kunai, and if she Dive-bounced as they blocked the Kunai, she would behave as if they had blocked the Dive-bounce.

If they did just fix that, I have to assume this discovery is a bit of a facepalm for the dev team. Maybe a half hour in the lab would’ve let them find and take care of other similar instances… like this one.

EDIT: Does anyone else have an aerial bounce-off-on-block move AND a projectile in their kit? I would have to assume this issue exists in all similar instances, but I can’t think of another.