Found some cool KI character designs

My favorites are jago, fulgore, glacius and thunder. I think thunder’s design in that picture could have been his retro seeing that it’s not offensive like his look in classic KI.

What do you guys think about these?


Cinder with jacket looked awesome!!! Someone should make mods skin like this for all KI characters!

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Why does Cinder look like he’s trying to be Ghost Rider? lol


I’d exchange thudner’s retro for that one. Other then that…pass.

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I think Jago’s hair looks better than what he actually has in the new game. Ghost Rider-style Cinder would have been cool, as accessories at least. -Sigh- so many roads not taken. :disappointed: :cry:


Does jago have a thundercats chest piece on?

That Orchid actually isn’t too far off from the new default costume, especially the shirt.


Looks like it. Tiger spirit represent! lol

Speaking of which, anyone know if there’s been any update on modding the pc version?

Nope. We’re still waiting for someone put mods in pc version… : (

Didn’t they say it wasn’t allowed? It sucks if that turns out to be true.

Really? When did they say that? We can get mods skins on pc version. But someone didn’t put mods on pc yet…

Not sure, it was a while ago. I could be wrong though and I hope I am lol.

From what I gathered, it will never happen.

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Dont say that… It make me very sad… ;_;

Me too… but from what I heard SFV on PC is following the same path by limiting freedom to modders. What went wrong!?

I wish we can get some mods skins on KI PC right now… But I think we should ask SF creator mod to make mods skins for KI PC?

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With all respect to the artist, I don’t care about any of these designs.
I used to though. I can see that I’ve even commented on it on deviant-art. But today… nah.

Well, we have talented people already able to make mods. The problem was never the artist. The problem was how secure the files were due to it only being available on the Xbox app/store.

So true. But I remember they aren’t allowed let them put mods on PC? Right?