Forza Horizon 3 livery

I can’t find any Forza Horizon 3 designs that represent KI characters. Any of you artists want to make some KI cars? And also, @developers in Horizon 3 I tried to set my license plate to say Jago" and it tells me I’ve entered bad language and throws it out. Not sure what that’s about…

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Lol that same thing happened to me. I tried to make my club tag Jago and it wouldn’t take it.

My plate reads DARKSOLZ …lol

I had a really cool KI / MK car in Horizon 2 with a Jason hockey mask on the back. But I haven’t found anything worth putting on my Horizon 3 cars

@WandaMaximoff Yo dude I need that Friday the 13th car you have! CAn you gift it to me or or something like that? lol

ANyone know how to use the GROOVE music playlist? I accepted it as a 14 day trial in game but I cant get it to “come up” …as in , how the hell do i pull it up and add my own songs to the mix? Its not in APPs, and you can choose it in the game menu but nothing more. Where is the HUB for the 14 day free trial?

anyone know?

@BigBadAndy @KrizmKazm @rukizzel @Nightswipe0

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Sorry man, I have no clue

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I figured it out! @BigBadAndy
You search for Groove music in the MS store on your XBox. Then down load the app fro free. Then you pick 5 artists from the list and it starts expanding and showing only artists similar to your picks…keep adding until you have decent list going…then play the app int eh back ground or on Forza unlock that radio station and then choose that radio station while you drive…it should only play your list of bands you selected from the main app.

Its free fro 14 days right now then after that it might be like 10$ a month …which is way to expensive IMO but Ill enjoy it for 14 days for sure!
Man it has some really heavy shittt like Death, Morbid Angel, Dimmu Borgir MAYHEM! The NEW ICED EARTH !!! SYMPHONYX!!! King Diamond!!!

@R1stormrider @Fwufikins

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lmao sounds like a total blast

Dude I raced to the new Iced Earth all night! Plus Deicide “When Satan Rules this World”

LOL…it was sick!!! Death Symbolic, Sound of Perseverance, Arcturus, Mayhem, Unleash the archers…so much fun on the Hot Wheels DLC too!

lol heavy ■■■■ is all i would hear in my car man, even if the speakers sounded like trash and it was hard to hear over the engine and turbo screaming while on the expressway

make a playlist online on the web or app then go into the setting you can select pne playlist to play from :smiley:

its pretty easy!

haha ill see what i can do about the car :nail_care: HAHAH

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ALSO groove only unlocks after like level nine… so go fast until you unlock more radio stations!


Yeah I unlocked the station, but couldnt figure out how to edit the app. I figured it all out eventually.
It makes the game so much more fun!

Ahhh ah ah! that was me you passed up! yeah I see you guys all the time on there…it makes it so much more fun seeing your friends!

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SO much more fun!!!

@BigBadAndy @WandaMaximoff

Hey they just released a patch fro Forza horizon 3 to be native 4K and HDR fro the X. Check it out!

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