Forum Layout Suggestion

This isn’t really about the game but I didn’t know where else to put this. Its about the forums layout. A lot of it to me feels unintuitive and clunky. I’m not trying to bash the work put into it but when I first got here I went cross-eyed.

One thing that would improve the forums would be for posts to have multiple pages instead of infinite scrolling. That way I can see the first page with the first post, and I can click on the last page that has the newest feedback.

Another would be to seperate the Category title, the Latest posts and the Topics count into three seperate bars. Its easier in the eyes and helps you understand what you’re looking at.

As for entering categories, I think the category headers need to be more obvious. And again, the topics and users + etc could be separated in some way.

I have no experience making forum layouts, but from my experience I think the forums need to be reworked and these are the things that personally worked for me as a poster.