Forum Banner

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Hey guys, Remember the old forum banner? It’d certainly be swell to have something like that on the new site. :wink:


Yeah, I kinda miss it.

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So we toyed with some of these features, and even looked at individual background images for each section.

Needless to say we are still toying. I don’t recall seeing a banner, but it absolutely would be fun to get up there.



Good to know you guys are looking into things. Look forward to seeing what awaits in the future!
Fingers crossed for more onsite decor!

Yeah it’s really annoying that you either have to scroll up or click on the arrows to get back to the top.
And then there’s no way while you’re browsing the forum to easlily get back to the main forumsection.

Well technically there’s the “forum home” button on top.

Sadly only on top yes :stuck_out_tongue: 15 15 15

Ah, I see what you mean.
Definitely would be nice if there was one down below too.