Fortnite did it. I wish we could do it for KI xbone/win10 and KI steam Ranked!

I wish … that one day … we can do this for Ranked for KI xbone/win10 and KI Steam!!!

Wait… wait wait wait… WAIT A GOSHDARN MINUTE!!!

SONY… as in… the company who has refused crossplay for the entire generation… now suddenly allows it… and then for a game as Fortnite?!

I guess it had to be such a popular mainstream game before they would even consider it.

Clearly Hell has frozen over, especially considering how badly Sony got burned when they wanted crossplay last generation.

On topic, yeah it would be nice but it seems they are focused on fixing the server issues (or were they fixed already?). Only time can tell I guess.

THis would never happen with KI…wishful thinking but Fornite did it because its a billion dollar game or whatever

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I hope that moving forward, all games are cross-play compatible. Console wars/ fanboys are stupid.

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