Forgotten Grotto- Halo 5 Forge

Out of pure hype for the Arbiter’s cameo in KI Season 3, I started this blockout for Aganos’ stage, “Forgotten Grotto”. I’d like to commit to finishing and polishing this stage as well as others, but I’m not very talented when it comes to matching the perspective. Still, I thought others might appreciate seeing my humble first attempt.

Hopefully this will inspire others to start recreating our favorite KI stages in Forge!



…and you call yourself humble? This is amazing!

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Hey @Rodan117 , don’t look now, but @TheKeits just retweeted your map!

I received a lot of love for this, (retweets from @TheKeits, CEO, GrimBrotherOne, even the official KI account!!!) so I started to get self-conscious about the uglier bits and wanted to clean it up a bit!

Then I made a GIF because it looks better in motion!


Thanks for the support guys! Who wants to get started on Thunder’s stage? :smile:


Welcome to the forums.

This is really cool.

This is awsome! Glad to see another forger in the KI community. I would love to try and turn some KI stages into full maps!

What is halo forge? Sort of a do it yourself forza type free roam map maker? Cool

Can you recreate Orchid stage?

I present to you a challenge: add in the golems. :wink:

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The map (as it is) is bookmarked on my gamertag: Rodan117. It is not “playable” for matches in any way, it is purely an aesthetic scene at this point. But if you want to run around it, add to it, please do!

At some point I will build a competitive stage in/around it… and maybe try to tackle the Golems :wink:

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