Force us to Switch body

Hi @developers
Im in love with your creation " MARIA" and when I use her I don’t feel the need to switch body cause I gain nothing really interesting.
So guys what would you proposal to us to use more often this option.
Remember we mus feel the advantage too.:sunglasses:

lets go guys throw some ideas and let this thread be positif all the way.

I WOULD switch body if it recover instantly from PD! in exchange of less damage as right now.

Of also I would switch body if it stay like that wwith the pd recovering bbut allow me to do more damage.
you have the choice.
cause actualy when switching body that deal little amount damage even in ender 4, so for me its not interesting to switch in combo cause im a DAMAGES FREAK!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

“Buff Aria”

Let’s not and say we did.


PlEAse bro :weary: the salty buff asking thread was for my ex girl friend :spider_web:. since i dont use this low tiers poor character anymore i dont want any buff with MARIA. she got all she needs to succefull against all the cast now thats just at the player to know how to deal with all MU, and care about my life.

With MARIA its simple as water, otherwise you dominate your opponent or you are dominated, its really a good challenge to play MARIA she dont have life casue its separate on 33% per body but its enought for me , i can deal with it and try to find my way against peoples to try to get better and better.

what i need is just a reason to switch body in combo ender.
Cause for now with my kind of gameplay i dont even use it in combo cause i feel it useless. since i can switch right after a hardknock down with more damage by the way. so why to do it in combo?? just for a little amount of damages. no no thank you

OFF subject
also im so happy i finally got my best free damager enemy with MARIA ITA free DAMAGE MASTER thunder lol 2-0 thank you Maria :sunglasses: :kissing_heart:

just a thing to let you know that Maria dont need damage buff, only some bug correction and a viable reason to switch body as combo ender. thats all

and i think i almost fight against you too in a european tounament right? you play eyedol ?

Yeah we fought in KOTR.

You’re asking for buffs for Aria though. That is what you’re doing by asking for her to get better.

lol lol no no that’s not a buff asking that’s only a adaptation to force us to use more oftend that tools underused. believe me UNDERUSED.

You don’t think getting all your PD recovered and/or doing more damage (when you switch bodies) is a buff?

If you can switch bodies after hard knockdown ender perfectly fine, then I agree you don’t need the body switch ender and you can safely pretend it doesn’t exist.

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slightly but see bro :relaxed: its a nice deal to leave her balanced
look that options

1) PD recorvered

Why? cause when we change body in ender that’s not interesting at all it give a lil damage amount and anyway you don’t begin to recover PD immediately, so I don’t see why should a use it.

I swear since I play Maria , ive used it 1 or 2 time in the beginning month april , then the little amount of damage it deal + the body hurted whos not recover immediately or even after 1 or 2 seconde, made me just drop this option, I prefer to switch after a knock down and still deal full damage

2) DAMAGE balance on that ender switch to force us to switch

why? because its really risky to switch body for a little amount off cashout and still get nothing interesting behind with PD.
So imao if it could deal de same damage as a regular ender level “what I think should be normal for her” then peoples would use more oftend this option because of the ender level, cause at this moment even if you get ender 4 you gain nothing interesting , till now im asking myself why this option exist cause most peoples like to hurt like a truck, I do not even see at the CEO seadragon switch body in combo, its just not interesting at all to do it, I think IG should be able to do something to make it usefull.


For me anyway shes fine right now, but she said by her own EVOLVE OR DIE!!! make yo choice! :sunglasses:

But what she don’t know is the fact that I came from a dead woman and now I feel evolved AF lol shhhhh don’t let her know where I come from :blush: lomfao


You. Are. Asking. For. Aria. Buffs.

Stop pretending you aren’t.

Also, stop calling her “Maria” because


Because Mario threw his Oddessy hat at her. :joy:


lol simple calculation

MARRIED + ARIA == MARIA for me :kissing_heart: no salt lol

i discovered her when my hart been seriously broked by a ******. and she bring me back at the right way for me.[quote=“SonicDolphin117, post:9, topic:21378, full:true”]
You. Are. Asking. For. Aria. Buffs.

Stop pretending you aren’t.

Also, stop calling her “Maria” because

OMG why peoples always think about me asking for buff??? all of these because of my ex girlfriend ggggrrrrrrr …

MARIA dont need any buff but just something to force us to use that option. that nobody use at least most of pro aria players dont use it even my teacher and master the man who help me to better understand MARIA aka zeromaycry dont use it he told me its totalluseless when you fight against big players. ist just a way to set ur own in danger.

so please if you think im asking for any buff you are just wrong so better close that thread before it goin to become like most of my ex girlfriend threads. and i dont want it to be like that,
Since ive evolved and people dont understand that. but anyway…

i dont want to bring outside sand full of salt in my house with MARIA lol lol ahhahahahha ggs :relaxed:

evolve or die baby and even if my exgirlfreind is back on the way it wil be very difficult for her to get me again lol lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: we wil see it at the patch 3.8 anyway.

Im a man and nothing can stop me to get 2 WIFE !!! ahahahah

can someone close this thread please before it become negative because of my ex life
@rukizzel @moderators

[quote=“G0tei13Izaragi, post:11, topic:21378”]
can someone close this thread please

I agree with this.


You already have an incentive to switch. You just choose not to.

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The incentive to switch is that you don’t die. You can choose to switch in neutral, using hard knockdown ender and manually switch, or using the switch ender. If you feel one of these is much worse than the others, then you don’t have to use it. But the ones you don’t use shouldn’t be magically buffed so that Aria dominates the game.

Allowing Aria to get any advantage at all aside from “whew, I didn’t die there” for switching is really crazy to me, and is very clearly a huge (not a small) buff to her.

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