For those of us who are giving up Kan-Ra

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What would it take for you to come back to him, what kind of buff would you like to see? I pretty much agree with everyone, playing him is simply not worth the time because other characters have many other tools at their disposal to basically cull our options.

Why Kan Ra is said to be so bad? Would you enlight me? It’s not an easy match up for SabreWulf if he can keep you away and he also has a nice reversal (better than Gargos at least). Unless you know the mu by heart I believe a good Kan Ra is a pain for Wulf (pretty much like Glacius in that scale) I even find Gargos (without minions) a lot easier than Ra and the ice man.

I think the pd change and resets with recapture aren’t bad at all this season. I ate a counterbreak against him and he got 80% no joke. I only won the match because the guy still has more work to do with his character (defense) and my punishes were on point when I was close.

I actually WANT to play Kan-Ra but I’m not ready to undertake a character of his skill ceiling. Juggling enough characters as it is…


Fix his CR. HK bug and I’ll be right back to playing him. What would make him more viable?

Find a time machine, take us back to season 2 and load up Kan Ra with the new shadow sandspike move properties. Obviously he would definitely not have s2 damage output to prevent mass cardiac infarctions.

On paper Kan Ra is supposed to work, but in practice, his tools are very situational and matchup specific, and most of all super unsafe and high risk with low reward. The characer is bad, no sugar coating it. Once you learn the matchup his bags of gimmicks stop working and you figure out how free he really is after one hard knockdown with no sand out.

This character is a good example of theory fighting gone wrong. Theoretically he’s supposed to work, but yeah…Mah soup…

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I don’t understand why he is so bad. Sure he is not the S2 Kan Ra. Is that what you guys want? Back to unbreakable combos, and damage free teleport move when you get in a corner?

Lol might as well sonic. D:

Your experience with glacius should give you an edge with kan ra.

Just fix cr. HK and I’m good to go.

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I got my kan-ra to 50 in season 2 just via ranked and i was doing really really well with him in the killer tier, but i take breaks and learn new characters after about 100 matches at level 50 in ranked. The thing about going back to him is that you have to work so hard to get those wins where as i can easily hop on spinal or gargos hell even omen and be completely rusty as in i’ve not touched them for over a month and the wins just come in anyway, with much less effort.

That’s essentially why he is not viable. He has nothing super scary or tide turning to warrant such effort. Almost all the gimmicky pete characters have huge limitations but insane tools.


Mira: Blood mechanic makes her super high risk but her damage output is off the charts, not to mention all of her other tools. So the reward is HUGE as well when you play her.

Aria: One bad combo break and one of your bodies could potentially be dead. This character requires minimal mistakes and needs to juggle 3 bodies, but the reward? One of the Best characters in the game with vortexes, safe throws, all archetypes at your disposal to deal with any matchup etc.

Raam: Can rarely ever catch you in a combo from being super slow. If he does, you’re done, especially if he has instinct which causes you to not be able to see lulz.

Basically, the point is, Kan Ra has nothing thats insane and scary enough, like tide turning scary to warrant such poverty status.


Yep exactly my point. That is exactly how I feel, so much work just to win, when other characters dont have to do nearly half the effort.

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@HWFREEKYJASON - thoughts on this?

Just saw your great set against Charbok’s Shin Hisako

I definitely think that bug fix will get more people playing him again, but you seem to be playing him still.

I dont main Kan-Ra, but I like watching him do his thing (particularly when it’s not on me lol)

I simply love the character type Kan-Ra is as I came from Super Skrull in marvel yea I hate that crouching HK is busted right now but I will always main this character no matter how hard I have to work


This is the mindset I wish people had. Play the character because you love them, not becuase of tiers.

One of my favorite Kan-Ra players to watch. Keep doing you man. :thumbsup:


Yeah honestly I think the FGC would be a happier place if no one cared about tiers. I certainly don’t.


I care about tiers because it helps me to gauge how much Im probably going to have to work to win a match so at least I know where I will stand going in but thats it. after that its how much i can understand about what i need to do to win.


I don’t want S2 Kan-Ra back at all because now I feel that if I had those things back I couldn’t lose which wouldn’t be fun. But I will comment on the sand exploding saying that the new hitbox and recovery make it close to terrible you take pd from using it and the hitbox is trash and the recovery is worse than that of a heavy dp its nice for stopping meaties on wakeup but be careful even with that because of the recovery its not a great move

I’m not playing a broken character lmao.


I understand. I meant in the sense that a tier list dictates what character people have to play to win, regardless if they like a lower tier character. But yeah, that’s a good way to use them.

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The only way tiers affect me is that they encourage me to use lower tier characters to try and convince people how viable they are, or just to mess with people online.

I will play a high tier character if it’s fun. Maybe not a clearly broken character, but who knows.

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