For non Wulf players

I was wondering: how you find this match? Do you think it’s easy? do you enjoy it? hate it? Just let me know what you think or what makes you upset/fun about it n_n

“Lets go Flash!” ,he said in the end. (Sorry about the bad quality :sweat: )

note: set with Kinetic DNA (Omen player trying the Wulf mirror, he does pretty well by the way!. I got salty no doubt XD)


This video is private.

Video doesn’t mean much, just for fun in a Wulf mirror. I just juggled a bit but no chance I can juggle as cool as the Flash n.n

The thread is about how players feel about the Wulf match up =)

It seems like I play a lot of the characters that have to play footies to do anything😂Jago,Thunder,Orchid,Maya. The last thing I wanna do is challenge Sabrewulf’s buttons,so I am not a fan of it at all.Whenever I fight a Sabrewulf is when you’ll see me play the most passively.I don’t approach the Sabrewulf MU with the intent of pressuring him, I let you try to open me up and punish failed attempts.While it works sometimes patient players don’t fall for it and it’s either a 99 second long staring contest or I’m forced to do something.

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I dislike the fight, even though Hisako wins it. Wulf is actually a personal struggle MU for me.

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Yeap, I remember you xD

Hmmmm I don’t remember you😂When did we play?

I liked the match heck it taught me some things for saberwulf.

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Even with aganos. Loses to omen and Raam.

Aganos is still a match up I need to figure out. About Raam I thought Wulf beat him, at first (or at least that it was even). But considering that Wulf must be close to him…I see how it goes.
Omen is a match I used to play pretty often, I do think it’s in Omen’s favor.

I think you played Cinder. You waited the whole match and zone me out most of it. It was in January. I kind of remember those kind of matches more that the ones I enjoyed, lol.

I saw this live! (I am a Ninja!)

But I didn’t say hello… Sorry Maru. :sweat:

I think Wulf is one of my harder matchups. If I can’t get a read on you, I fall apart. I’m also free to grabs, so Wulf players just dash through me and grab, and I cant react :sob:


Then you could see how he would punish all my “free dash attemps” -__-
He gave me a hard time. He usually does and his Omen makes me quite salty. Well, his playing style makes me salty from time to time, but I love playing against him XD

I do suffer the throws too =( (imagine Spinal and Aganos haha)
I do recommend to see how they (Wulfs) play, they would dash after a positive linker or overpower. One to surprise you and the other because of hitstunt. low kicks and punches would stop them from happy dashing =)

Oh, I would have liked you said hello :smile:. We had a lot of troubles with the stream because my kinect seems to be broken =(

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Yeah, but you did very good! I was enjoying the matches for sure.

Next time, I’ll say hello. :slight_smile:

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xD my bad. Whenever we do play again,I’ll make sure to try and fight you😂

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It’s ok. I need to figure out the match! lol :sweat_smile: