Food Challenges

So now, have any of you guys ever entered into/participated in as well as attempted any food challenges before in your lifetime? Also does your (depending on where you live) town/city, state/province, OR country have ANY food challenges where you live? Plus have any of you ever THOUGHT about entering into/participating in any of the food challenges? If so, which food challenges would YOU like/want to try to attempt on?

As for me here, I want to VERY MUCH enter into/participate in all of the HOT, SPICY food challenges because I enjoy/love eating hot, spicy foods including hot peppers and garlic as well as onions and leeks :yum: At the same time I gotta have AND need my spice in my life. Overall I considered myself to be a bona-fide CHILEHEAD :sunglasses:

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In a town near mine there’s the world contest of eating sweet onions

Every year journalists from around the world come to see it. Two years ago there was a japanese delegation of journalists covering the event.

japanese journalists lol!

We eat sweet onions with sauce, I don’t think they do it our way anywhere else in the world.

I can eat 50-60 of those in a row. The world champion ate 275 last year.

That’s 8,4 pounds. Yuck.