Flood-Infected Arbiter Skin Idea! 🤢

Remember when Thunder got a special “Legend of Thunder” costume pack way back in December, 2016?

It’s a special skin that can’t be mixed with other accessories and it only has two color options for Player 1 & Player 2, and as I was grinding Flood parasites under my Spartan’s boot to get the “Zombie Repellant” achievement in the Master Chief Collection*, I had a spark of inspiration: Let’s infect Killer Instinct’s Arbiter with the Flood!

Oh, don’t get me wrong- it’s gross, hideous, and repulsive, but that’s why it’s the perfect bonus monster for our game; At this point, you’re not fighting the Arbiter, much less an Elite- you’re trying to keep from being absorbed into the Gravemind by one of its zombie-alien pawns!

How cool would that be? I’ve LOVE for 343 Industries to lend a hand to make this one happen, and how fun would it be to see the Flood-Infected Arbiter’s mutated arm bonded to his sword? As for color options, I’d be more than happy with a blue armored and a red armored version of our zombie alien.

If it was doable, would you appreciate giving the Arbiter a special Flood-Infected costume pack in the same way that Thunder did? :green_heart:



*BTW, I slayed my 1,000th Flood earlier today!


This actually belongs in the Game Suggestions Thread but pretty nice ideal. To add, let’s give all the characters a special costume pack.

Just call me Guilty Spark, because I’m doing my best to guide a Reclaimer to unleash the Flood into our universe. Fingers crossed! :green_heart::wink::+1:t2:


Thta would be wicked.

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Shame we never saw additional costumes/accessories added post launch. Stuff like this would have been great. Unfortunately I can’t see it happening at this point.

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