[FIXED] Windows Update wants to shove me driver I dont want

Hi, I need help guys. My GPU works best with 362.00 version of Nvidia driver, any newer ones cripple my performance.

But recently win10 started to update graphics driver behind my back, how can I stop this bullcrap?

EDIT: I think I got it, used guide from my second post, so far update leaves my driver alone.

Are you overclocking it? How many driver updates for your video card have you not installed?

What do you mean my performance change anyway? What changes when you update the driver?

On 362.00 version I can pass the benchmark in KI.

On any newer ones its disaster, around 700 points with the same settings, on latest one 400 points.

I think I fixed it. Used method from this link:

the one that involves launching gpedit.msc