Fix the lightning

There are 3 Problems with the lightning:

  1. shadows in the wrong direction

    You can see that the player shadows always show behind them even if they should be in front of them, but the shadow of Gargos Minions are how they should be. Why ?

  2. Characters aren’t evenly lighted

    This is only with some characters, it looked fine with Jago and Gargos.
    Here you can see that Arbiter is extremly dark but RAAM is nearly glowing, it should be none of the two.

  3. reverse lightning

    This also only occurs on some characters.
    You can see it’s fine on the left side, but not one the left right side. It’s inverted

Note: These problems aren’t only on Forgottem Grotto ! They can occur on all stages with backlight like Tusk’s Stage.


Coming from a Gaming Art background, most likely the background lighting and character lighting are separated. Its ensure character look good and standout from the background.

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Doesn’t matter what purpose it has, it makes the game look worse in my oppinion.
SFV and MKX can do it better, why is it different with KI ?

Also that makes no sense, how does being bright on a bright stage makes them standout ?
And if they are dark, like Arbiter, you cant see the details.

While I was not defending the devs, I was just explaining why it turned this why. Most likely from the “enhanced” lighting going into season 3. What I find more distracting is the global lighting reflecting off the character models in curtain stages.

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You mean for example the characters having this green shine on Kim Wu’s stage ?


It almost looks like the lighting got worse in season 3, whilst there are some improvements the total package looks incomplete/rushed.

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I can only agree with you

I like the new lighting that came with S3, but it’s not perfect. They sure do need to fix a few things here and there. And hopefully they will get around to it at some point. ^^

Good constructive thread, OP!

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I see no lightning. Looks like clear skies and calm seas to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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;D that was funny

Character shadows are not connected to the stage’s lighting, which is why the shadows tend to “ignore” the lighting.

But why ?
Why did IG want to rework the lightning if it doesn’t work and makes it look odd ?
I would even prefer the old lightning over what we have now if they dont fix it.

And I say it again, SFV and MKX can do it, every other game can do that !
Why is KI different, why does it not work here ?

Guys, this is a budget game that is almost 3 years old. Temper your expectations.

I still think this game looks fantastic.

…we’re talking about the same game, right?

Even 3 years ago every other game could do that. (since 2013 graphics didn’t got to much better)

KI looks ok, but I can’t ignore those shadows !

Yes we’re talking about KI

With the old lighting the problem with the shadows was less obvious and I would only prefer the old lightning on stages which have this problem.

Interesting thing to grab there though that is obvious. I’m sure IG and MS will get on it.