Fix Hisako on the character select screen

On the current character select screen you can see that the characters on the left face to the right and the characters on the right face to the left; however, Hisako is facing to the right. I’d like to see Hisako facing to the left like in the second image so that the character select looks consistent.

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Yeah it’s been requested in the past to flip Hisako’s character select icon so her head is tiled in a similar way to the other characters. Hopefully they make the change as although it’s a minor thing it sticks out as inconsistent.

It does look a bit weird, however… Hisako might tilt her head the other way, but she is still looking the same way as the rest of right side of the roster. Maya is also turned the other way, but it isn’t as obvious as with Hisako.


While I initially agreed with the OP on this topic, after reading this, I can see your point. Her head may be tilted 1 way, but with her hair in front of her eyes the way it is, she has to be staring in the other direction, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to see. Especially with Maya, who I admit, I didn’t notice, like you said, the way it’s positioned makes a lot of sense.

In any case, at this point, whether they change it or not, I’m kind of neutral to it either way. I’ll be happy with both options.

I feel it fits her because she as a ghost is a bit off. You can see it in the way she moves, chrouches, etc… Out of touch with reality.

That said, she does indeed look the right way, she just does it her way…

Maybe they can add a toggle for the people that don’t like it :smirk:

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The way she is on the S3 character select screen is how she is on the S2 character select screen, so she is facing to the right and not to the left. Just an inconsistency I’d like to see fixed cause it’s awkward to see Hisako the only one facing the wrong way and pretty much facing off against Cinder.

Her head is tilting right but she is in fact looking left.

No I’m pretty sure she is looking to the right.

Pretty sure she’s looking left.

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I don’t see it, I see her facing right.

She’s facing right, but her eyes are looking to the left.

Still don’t see it, I see her facing, looking, whatever to the right and facing off against Cinder.

She’s totally looking straight at us


The great “which direction is Hisako looking” debate of 2016 will be answered with some 4k pc screenshots tomorrow, get hyped!!

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Also pretty sure she’s looking left. If you look at her right eye you’ll see it’s darker on the left due to her pupils being positioned there.