Five Nights At Freddy's Movie

Surprised theyre actually still going through in releasing that film.

Wonder if it’ll end up like that official Slenderman movie that was released not too long ago. (I.E. the equivalent of beating a dead horse long after the hype for it died down ages ago.)

Then again, kids still eat up the merchandise like crazy, so who can say.

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Who knows. Still, I hope it’s good. Visually, I think the movie could have been darker, if not grittier imo. Maybe they should have used a different camera, if not lighting(?). I don’t know, from the way the film is shot so far, I’m not getting that sense of dread that the first game so wonderfully conveyed. Generally speaking, the movie and the animatronics look good so far, but I kind of thought the latter would have been much more run down, if not kind of grosser-looking (from what I recall of the story, the animatronics had carcasses stuffed into them, resulting in their being possessed).

Well, that sucked.

Check this out: