First Weekly KI Discord Netplay Tourney Saturday October 22, 2016 at 9:00 PM EST!

To sign up for the tournament and read the rules click here:

I’m making it a requirement that you have to be a member in the KI Discord in order to sign in and participate so it’s easier to keep track of participants during the tournament.

To join the Discord go here:

All tournament take place in the channel #event-discussion.

Tournament will be:

  • Double elimination
  • Best out of 3 sets until winners/losers semis where it’s best out 5.
  • Matches can be played as they are available, we don’t have to play them from top to bottom.

Currently we don’t have a streamer available to stream matches. I plan on having all of top 8 streamed. If you would be available to stream matches feel free to PM me in Discord @NowItsAngeTime.

Hope you guys can join!

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