First person view and Kinect support

We should have the option to choose third and first person view. I would also love to see Kinect support, it’s a shame that the Kinect was mandatory to buy in its early days and now it’s not. Kinect improves on gameplay. Like if I wanna break a combo I would just make a slapping motion with my hand in real life and it would break a heavy auto double. Kinect supports voice command too, it would be cool if i yelled out Inferno at midnight and Cinder would do his thing, or yell out “Get Some” and he would blaze his trail. Taunts would be fun too, we could taunt with our bodies and our fighters would emulate what we say too. Like if I do a duck face and show my butt as a taunt, my human fighter would do it because of Kinect support.

Maybe with that I can get off my lazy butt and get some excersise by doing an Ultra Combo in real life XD


KI did have Kinect support in season 1…nothing as elaborate as a Kinect Instinct game, but it would attatch a profile to a controller, and similar to how a PS4 controller has that light bar on it Kinect would use the XB1 controller’s IR sensors to keep track of who was holding what controller and switch profiles if you handed your controller off to a buddy. Sadly it caused lots of problems such as logging you out when someone walked in front of you (as far as the Kinect was concerned you were giving your controller to him) or when you were sitting too close. Compounded with bugs that would reset your saves and bugs that would just give your saves to another player’s profile, it ended up being a bad experience all around.

As far as 3rd and 1st person views…the game really is only set up to be viewed as it is right now. The devs have stated before that if they altered angles & such you would quickly notice that a lot of moves don’t actually connect with the other player and would leave the game being kinda awkward to watch.
Plus, can you imagine a 1st person view doing Sadira’s spin?



(cough) Kan-Ra…


All that comes to mind is DBZ Kinect. ■■■■ that game.


There have been multiple attempts at fighting games using motion controls. None of them have performed well fiscally or recreationally (they sold bad because they played bad).
I think it’s wise to learn from the mistakes of the past rather than repeating them.

Sounds like a complete waste of development resources for something that very few players would have any desire to experience.

You might as well ask for Virtual reality at that point. Which would be fine with me since VR would be the best way to game…ever.