First KI fan art (Maya and Mira)

Finally finished my first KI fan art. I am pretty new to digital art, so bare that in mind. But all things considered, I think it turned out OK.
Without further a due, I present…



Not much sisterly love there.

I like your unique art style. You should do more art featuring other character pairings: Aganos and Kan Ra; Jago and Orchid; Spinal and Sabrewulf; Fulgore, Riptor, and ARIA; Cinder and Glacius; Gargos and Omen; and so on… :slight_smile:

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Haha, this is really awesome! Love your comical style. XD
Good job!

I agree, love the style. Its quite unique and there should be much more of it :thumbsup:

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LOVE crazy! but i love crazy! thanks for sharing it with us! xx

“Its a man!”

LOl…awesome job!

Nice. Good goings (y)
Some feedback, I think they both look more like men than women :slight_smile: esp Maya.

Love it.

Mira looks like a trouble-maker, LOL.

finally finished by Thunder/Aganos buddy cops picture!
here is the link Thunder & Aganos Buddy Cops

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Quite cute and not bad at all too