First Impressions

As said, first impressions of some really great fun.

  1.  Flies as resource?? Certain Enders knock them out? Even if it’s eating flies to create a new resource that may be used when full? An assist gauge for the other BT’s? Perhaps get properties off of certain projectiles like Kirby? Wouldn’t trade the current ability to eat projectiles as is now if that’s what it meant to get any of the above.

Was able to eat one of Jago’s Shadow FB’s and block the rest, almost max range. I LIKE IT! Waiting for new stick parts before venturing back in to try other escape timing.

  1.  Give the Tongue double-use when in Instinct??  Or some other reason? Unsure, very useful as is but comboing isn’t as natural, though still very possible with it. Perhaps can cancel more frames with the tongue during Instinct, in and out of the tongue for some screen whipping Linker-action during that moment of awesomeness?
  2.  Ultra Ender, kick the opponent to the screen like the arcade’s Big Boot can? Stage Ender instead?
  3.  Ultra Combo, Zitz and Pimple show up for some tag-team hits??? If not here, perhaps in Instinct?
  4.  Stage or Ultimate Ender, knock opponent into the air and go to similar screen as stage 1 boss in NES game? Let the winning player try to shoot the clay-pigeon that is their opponent with “sticky

balls” as they fall?

  1.  Attitude is perfect. Current skin seems more secondary than primary. But I see that there is an intentional “gaming art-style” intended due to the way the grid appears to manifest Rash into the KI verse. So will see how the final lighting and textures go. It’s just that currently he looks best against the secondary skins and not exactly part of the KI main-skin artstyle.
  2.  As a means to get the other 2 toads into the mix, if they don’t show up in the Ultra or Stage Ender, how about as a form of full resource super throw?
  3.  Allow the Wrecking Ball to be dropped or raised, depending on player input on the stick? Too powerful?
  4.  The Big Boot Linker looks funny due to some Tetris-dancing. It and the Battering Ram will have different over-under properties as far as sliding/windkicking counter choices?
  5. Can the Heavy Kick be allowed to carry more distance from a run? Something else that allows a running kick to Open better?

  6. Rash’s soundtrack is… Fly. Makes me imagine the stage starts off in the arcade world and after a round, things go high-rez.

Things to like/love:

Yes, the voice actor’s job. is AWESOME! Low blow squeals are very humourous. The rest of the coin/8-bit sounds are nostalgically delicious.

… The moveset has so far wrote itself, though needs more. Played the Rare Replay Battletoads before even learning about Rash in KI. After finally downloading and playing… It’s hard to critique anything bad. The essence is there. The fun is there. Refinement is coming. The trailer seems to be adding nicely.

Love thinking that guest characters might be unlocked via other game purchases for incentive to play, even if it’s just for casual fun… Because sometimes players just like their character being there (ahem, Spartan, BRUTE, orSangheili).

Of course I’m a better theory fighter than a stick fighter ;);
A great intro-mechanic yet high-mid tier potential character due to the moveset and damage potential. More easily readable than Jago but mobile and flexible enough to match against anyone, plausibly. Almost the penultimate jokester.

It’s not aknock on MK, I think it’s homage, that just mashing a button will work, to a degree. Jump in, mash some lights into an auto-combo. Easily breakable for knowing the game, easily done for not. Can even stand and mash Light Punch to move across the screen… “I’m just going to punch the air like this. If you happen to occupy that space, I’m going to auto-combo your ■■■!”

Managed to get in a few tongue and wrecking ball recaptures in practice mode and it was damn fun to do. SOOO many vectors one can cross-up and attack from in neutral or during combo. It’s taxing to imagine at first… That tongue is the anti-everyone ability, when timed right, not spammed!

Max was a blast to watch;

I think Kiss My Fist is fine as the Ender, but if Rash ever got an Ultimate, it should be something like the “boot opponent into the screen” finisher in Battletoads Arcade. Would also be a nice reference to Combo and Sabrewulf’s No Mercies.

Rash should be allowed to use the Big Bad Boot during the run. I don’t think that would mess with anything or make him too strong, would it?

I don’t know how to fit in the other 'toads, but I’d love if they helped Rash during attacks in the Ultra.

You can. Simply input any special move you want while running.


Well, I feel dumb. :sweat:

Edited a couple times :smile:
Tis’ OK, the way the Ram works can make it seem like it doesn’t unless you specifically try it out.

My thinking with his forward/running Heavy Kick is that even though as non-stationary as is; a pseudo-windkick where one could long leap over certain ground attacks without committing to a special.
Ram is projectile invulnerable and Big Boot does stuff a Blockade Runner/Ankle Slicer but they’re both far Wall Splatters, looking for something more lead in THOUGH the tongue can be used to pull in. Too predictable with just those running options?

Yes the Wrecking Ball and Tongue are options but the former doesn’t start up fast enough to not be snuffed by a lot of on-reaction counters and the latter is more about mobility than offensive mix-ups.

Could be wrong with what he has as it could be more than enough but it feels with his run down tools that he could use a more effectual moving offensive-hurdle move. Nothing special beyond moving the hitbox up momentarily.

Edit: Been a few days and upgraded my stick parts and I “stand” corrected about wanting something just little more than a hurdle as that is what we have. I believe what I meant is that the Big Boot should activate like the Ram does from a run on Heavy Kick or let Heavy kick from a run travel farther than a Light Windkick. The former feels more natural to the character’s mechanics and the latter allows for a way to no-special over low attacks/traps and cancel out with a tongue if need so to bait DP-like defensive moves aren’t as predictably punishing.