Fired up damage

Hi. It’s good to be back. While training some moves with Cinder i was wondering why he does not inflict burnout damage whatever he’s close to the enemy?! I mean he could inflict burnout damage just by standing nearby the enemy for 1 - 2 seconds while he’s on fired up state. Or fired up with instinct mode activated all together to make this work. Just like Reptile noxious variation. Is this a good idea?

I really don’t think so because you could build up a lot of potential damage on an opponent who is pressuring you while you’re in instinct mode. I initially liked the idea of their burnout enders but in higher levels of play, you just never see it used because it only works against people who press buttons. It’s really hard to determine where to go from where it’s at though.

… Too much …

Nope I’m glad Cinder has to earn his damae. It’s just cheep to get damage when you’re not attacking or haven’t intialized an attack to do it. Cinder’s good without free potential damage.

In Instinct Mode Cinder gets to do the stuff he couldn’t do unless he was fire-up. That’s good enough as it is. Besides if you’re fired up and such why bother doing the stuff you could do when you just get free burnout damage standing next to someone.

Cinder would of been OP otherwise. Trust me he’s good as he is. Only gripe I have is Shadow Trailblazer ets beat out by everything and it’s not even as cersatile as normal trailblazer.

I’ll throw in this 2 cents I’ve considered for a while. We all know just how safe shadow trail blazer is at the end of it, so the start of it is really unsafe. There are a lot of characters who can’t even risk shadow countering it. It’s a waste of meter as it will get blocked.

Still seems odd that you can just light punch Cinder out of the middle of it, where you couldn’t do that with much of the other cast members.

As far as safety though I don’t think so. You can still grab Cinder at the end of it. But that’s based off my own experience.

You can grab him, but he can tech your grab, he has no recovery.

I’ll consdier trying this, but till then, Shadow Trailblazer is probably a move one should be careful with using that move.

I only use it to punish projectiles. That’s it. Otherwise I know it’s stuffed easily, it’s good for air juggles if you don’t think they can break it. I really don’t like his shadow trail blazer much.

Now that’s somehting I might consider.