Finishers from KI


Guys, I really miss Orchid’s boobflash from the original game. I know it had no purpose but it was funny as heck for having a finisher like that. Too bad they didn’t put that classic stuff in the new game.


I hated it, it’s stupid , but is a game made by men in the 90’s… I usually didn’t care, but it offended me when I was little girl (same as Mai shinranui , hah). I think the devs liked “locas”. Imagine a guy doing somethings similar? LOOOOOL :grin:

Ok ok, I don’t feel is the end of the world. But why are you saying you can’t get it?? O.o the first thing I recorded was this no mercy for some friends asking to watch it because they haven’t seen it and told me they couldn’t get it.

lol, I still have the video in my channel :joy:


I guess everyone has their own feelings and opinions towards it, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a parody of it, you know like, kinda that she pretends to turn away from her opponent and open her upper shirt but instead to her opponents surprise she pulls out 2 grenades and throws them at the opponent, that was someone else’s suggestion or something similar like that, kinda like paying a pint of essence to the first game, that move was funny especially when opponents died to it. I still don’t get how that raptor who is female died, since the raptor is female, but aside from that, it was a funny finisher. lol.


personally I thought it was pretty funny to. But even so I wouldn’t expect that to return. If the devs actually live up to the poll results and actually put Ultimates in.

Even so it won’t likely come back, but it was still pretty funny


I notice that most of your posts revolve around ultras, taunts, no mercies, etc. Maybe you would like Mortal Kombat a bit more because it’s way more focuses and humiliating opponents. Have you tried it?


Thanks, but no thanks. Enough said :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: