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I have a whole bunch of suggestions, so many I forgot some haha, first thing I wanna touch down on is that post about getting KI pushed to an M rating. Absolutely. There target range is well over 17 and it would give the devs alot more creative freedom

More mature dialauge

More graphic enders

Less restrictions on devs

over all a better experience for every one.

There are several target demographics being targeted. While there is definitely a mature player base to aim for, there is also a new generation of younger gamers graduating from Nintendo DS and Wii games to more mature titles. Upping the rating unnecessarily will negatively impact KI’s overall reception and more or less drive new audiences (and even some veterans) away trying to be a Mortal Kombat wannabe.

On top of that, there was nothing within the original KI games that warranted the jump to the M rating.

FInally, T rating =/= restrictions on devs. I’d kinda like my KI without the goofy weird MK brutality rip off mechanics and rather focus on making a game play better through control and execution than some outlandishly absurd graphical delivery.

Add a gore toggle problem solved.

Not that simple, a gore toggle only changes what is displayed on screen. It doesn’t change what is contained therein within the game. It would not solve any problems. Gamestop still wouldn’t be able to have a display demo-ing the product at locations freely because the game would be rated M. Even if there is a gore toggle, the fact remains, the M rating places a bigger restriction on it’s public marketing and display. If it can’t be placed out in public for people to see or try, there is less chance they will take in buying it. And that’s just one example of how the M rating would hold it back.

I must ask though, why do you think the T rating is a sign of weakness? I think it’s a sign the developers refuse to take the easy path of adding a little shock value just to add some novelty to the game that will ultimately be dismissed as quickly as it was introduced. If you watched the EVO streams, a lot of players don’t even bother with fatalities or post game finishers, simply because you watch it once and the novelty quickly diminishes afterward.

I think the creativity of the game doesn’t come from how graphic and shocking you can make things look, but how well the characters play and feel, and how well they are received in the tournament scene. Adding graphical violence won’t automatically bring more tournament attendance to the game, but making the game play better than other fighting games will. Looks are only skin deep, but the quality of the gameplay is what will truly make KI stand out above its competition. It’s already hit its intended audience.


retailers are playing the S1 KI jago mirrors only right now anyway, so thats not even an issue. It’s not so much the T rating a weakness its more of a hinderance. With a T rating that means that QA has to go examine the game come back with some bs complaints about a blade protruding from someones back, and then IG has to go an rework that x10000.

KI gives you imo the most creating ways to finish off your opponent. Should killing a human, wearwolf, robot, ghost, dinsaur its self deserve an M rating?

What stats back up saying T rating is HELPING the game?

Some of this is slightly exaggerated don’t you think? Times 10000?

Regardless of that, you wouldn’t be able to demo the T-rated version of the game once it undergoes a rating change because it’s technically a bait-and-switch advertising tactic. If you re-rate the game, you’d be forced to remove ANY public demo from circulation.

I don’t follow you on this one, you’re saying it should get the rating because it should get the rating? There is literally no logic or reason to this statement.

2 completed seasons, a third one on the way, a PC port, a massively successful Jago crowdfunding campaign, an increase in EVO turnout, an increase in Tournament prize pools, international KI players are now trying to compete on pro level, and all under the T rating. I don’t see it holding the game back yet, and there’s not much reason to change it. Not even the originals on the SNES were as dark as you are suggesting. Making KI go over the edge and increasing the brutality to those levels changes KI in a way that it will lose its identity rather than elevate it.

And as far as the creativity argument, I kind of find that reason to be pretty invalid. There’s plenty of creative visuals you can imply with the current system. Gore for the sake of gore isn’t going to propel the game forward, superior gameplay will. There’s plenty of old games from older generation consoles that failed because they failed to acknowledge this.


Put the kill in killer instinct. If you kill M rating.

No M rating please

I agree that KI should remain as it is. Also, rarely everyone in that game dies (not sure about Sadira’s fate from Cinder’s story).

@IronFlame you’re wasting your time. He created endless threads about this in the S2 forums, with the same level of obstinance to the myriad of community arguments or dev explanations.

He’s already got at least one more thread on this topic on the new forums too.

No M rating! Iron Galaxy won’t let KI become like MK. @TempusChaoti close this topic.

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I like the idea of going to an M-rating, but not for more blood and gore. I like the idea because it allows for more options to be added to the game. For example, if you watch Hisako perform her command grab and stab her opponent, you don’t see her naginata go through her opponent’s back, despite being stabbed with it. This is because of the game’s Teen rating and the strict requirements of the ESRB to meet that rating requirement. If it went to a Mature rating, you’d actually be able to see the blade on the other side. It wouldn’t even have to be bloody or anything - it could just be made to look kind of like it was “behind” the character model (kind of like with Fulgore’s throw, which oddly enough, still shows through the other side of the opponent, despite being stabbed in a similar manner).

That’s what YOU think. Either way, it’ll never happen.

I concur. An M rating gives devs more freedom that alone in itself makes it worth it.

Isn’t this the same discussion happening in this thread?

Yes it is! Pop on over and continue to discuss your thoughts.

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