Finally reached Gold :D

Hey! Just wanted to share this achievement for me with the community. Started playing since KI was released for Win10 and mostly used Jago, Shago, Sadira and Fulgore to play and was able to be in Silver with them.
Two days ago I was playing with a friend and he defeated me almost all games with Thunder and woke my curiosity to learn him because I felt that his attacks were unpredictable to block and started to play some survival and exhibition matches yesterday.
Wanting to test him in ranked matches went there for a couple of matches but I was only winning! :o So I played all night long almost no losing a match and reached Gold with him! :smiley:

tl;dr… Thunder feels like an easy to use character but with good mechanics to take advantage of your opponent. I will keep using him and try to reach lvl 50 with this double exp event :smiley:


Good Work Dude!!! keep it going!

Nice job man, Next stop KILLER!

Congratulations. It’s nice to see another Thunder main climbing the ranks. Here’s hoping to catch you around in ranked. Keep that uphill battle going to Killer.

congrats, enjoy the 2 out of 3’s, gg


Congrats on reaching gold, now what some might call the real grind begins.

Sorry for the double post, but if you want to train with me as well I’ll be happy to throw down.

Good stuff. Congrats sir! :smile: