Finally "Finished"

Late last night and then into early this morning (4am specifically… yeah I hate sleep), I FINALLY finished my new screenplay, “The Wolf Prince”. I’m still reviewing it for minor editing, but my goodness the beast is finished.

I actually started the project all the way back in 2009. I wrote the rough draft, got it copyrighted and then sat it aside for a few other projects until early 2010. I paid a professional screenwriter to review the script. He loved it, but stated that its concept would make an even better book. During this whole time, my agent got me a gig to adapt a biography about Hans Holser the ghost hunter. Never panned out though. (sad me).

As I’d never written a book before, I took a crash course in novel writing and then in late 2010 I started adapting the screenplay. It was a thrilling process and between my day job and such, it took almost 2 years to complete the book (still needs editing). In the meantime, my agent got cancer and had to retire.

I took a writing break for about a year and focused on a few smaller things. Then early last year, I decided to revisit the old screenplay and as I now had a better understanding of the mythology and the world surrounding my fantasy story, I rewrote it. Now its even better than ever.

What is “The Wolf Prince” you say? It’s an epic fantasy about a good-natured prince who gets turned into a wolf and is sent on a quest to save his world. (the story in a nutshell).

Lots of work ahead. I plan to enter the script into a few contests and hopefully I can snag me a new agent.

I just wanted to write this though to share with everyone and especially the writers on this board, that there is no greater joy than to see a “finished” product, to type “the end” on the last page. I’ll keep everyone posted as things progress!


I have read hundreds of epic fantasy novels, love them, let me know if you can get it published or need someone for an opinion, I’d love to read it :grin:

Thanks! A screenplay is a bit different as its meant for the big screen, but I like all opinions. :smiley:

goodluck man! very happy for you that you got it done, i hope you find yourself new representation and go to the next step!

Thanks! Wanna get this baby on the big screen!

It’s not done until it’s published/produced. :wink:

WELL thanks for the bubble bust. And here I was going to use my lame Sabrewulf the next time we fought. Not now Mr. It’s Sadira to the Xth level. :stuck_out_tongue:

In truth, you’re right. HOWEVER, it’s much less mind numbing to focus on the little victories instead of getting discouraged with the slow progress of the entire battle. :wink:

Touché, my webbed friend…

Congrats, dude! Kinda inspires me to start writing some work of my own… I just need to… You know, start. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I knew you before you were a multi-millionare! Lol

But I would love to read your book. I love reading! Please update us!

Thanks for the support! The book has a LOT of editing to do though. Even so the few that have read it (my little reader’s circle) really enjoyed it, but after taking a crash course in editing last year, yeah… it needs work.

I’m pretty satisfied with the screenplay version. It feels closer to the concept of the book than some of the earlier variants.

In terms of style. Let me be honest, I love epic fantasy, so there is a TON of mythology, cultures, languages and such. My inner Tolkian went wild with Wolf Prince. It’s actually kind of funny as my best friend is a minimalist when it comes to story. He’s an animator (incredibly tough field to be in) and likes to keep stories very simple. I keep my themes simple as well as the over all story (as it is easier to follow), but I love embellishing in flash, kind of like James Cameron.

So in that since, I’m his J.R.R. Tolkian and he’s my C.S. Lewis. :smiley:


Wow I got a LIKE on this and I had completely forgotten about this thread. My last update was in Feb!!!

In terms of updates. I gave the script out to a few more of my readers. Got some feedback and rewrote a good portion of the screenplay. Upon completing it, I took a few months off due to sheer creative exhaustion, but plan to start polishing the final script before agent hunting once again. It’s been a while. Gonna use every resource that I know to get it out there.

Due to the nature of its story, I’d love it to be produced by Disney… but we’ll see. :slight_smile: