Figure Ideas!

This topic discusses ideas people would like to see for figures of their favorite characters and others! I am basically asking, if you could give ideas on what figure of a character you want such as how they are posed, colors, weapons, etc. what would it look like and at what price? Give a description! (note: try to make the price reasonable, do not suggest sexual ideas like being able to remove clothing to reveal sexual body parts, etc., pictures and drawings can be included!)

Some figures I’d like to see are Kan-Ra with his victory scene where he’s holding the glowing soul and laughing where the figure has LED lights in the almost transparent soul that lights up blue and when you press a button you can here his evil laugh and maybe a little bit of his theme in the background! with him set up in his Stage with the portal as his mount.


Riptor and Sadira would both be nice. These girls deserve some love, and I think fancy little figures and new colors are a pretty lovely way to express our affection :kissing_closed_eyes:.

Riptor’s should involve fire. Her win pose or her Back>HP/Stage Ultra pose would be perfect.

Sadira’s would have to find a way to put her in the air. Maybe her victory screen pose, or the hero art pose.

OR even better, she could be resting on her throne…~


Maya doing her leap kick would be nice, with the golden bird effects and 1 dagger in her hand and one stuck in the stand of the model, which would naturally be the City of Dawn and full of snakes, vines, spiders and giant centipedes.

Aganos standing imposingly with his peacemaker while another cast member is frozen in stone with one of the background golems calcifying them ala his stage ultra.

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These are all fantastic ideas!!! makes me want figures of them already! I can see it in my head and they look amazing I really hope they make these figures.:+1:

I think Kim in her Taunt Pose would be awesome for her figure! Or even her final pose during her Outro.


(Cough) Eyedol figure…

With the nunchucks and all the golden power/dragon stuff? Yeah, that would be pretty sweet.

Also Mira performing Embrace on Tusk as in her trailer, with the silvery metal blood effects to elevate her off the floor of her diorama, unsure which stage this should use as she’s currently homeless, though. I guess just using the cross section of Sabrewulf’s lab that has the window showing his original gothic horror mansion?

Care to elaborate? like what form he would be in Mage/Berzerker and what he’s doing in his pose?

Actually with Mira, I thought of this:

With her Blood Tendrils reaching out. That would look amazing!


Retro eyedol figure, is what I think you were looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we get an Eyedol figure, a deluxe one where his brain meats/eyes light up.

I want this.

It’s just kidding. Lol

Seriously, this pose is cool to me.


LMAO, the first one would be great haha! if they made one like that I would actually consider getting one, that or if it came with a sepreate headpiece where you could make him do that lol

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I think another cool figure for mira would be maybe her scythe slashing down at an angle would be pretty sweet or have her doing her bat summon where like a bat or two could be held up as if it is flying