If Anyone Know Where I Could Find A LED Board For My Madcatz TE2, Please Let Me Know.

Some good people to ask about stick questions around here are @Marbledecker @FallofSeraphs76

Hope you’re able to get an answer :slightly_smiling:

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Actually the best person to ask about the LED board is @KrizmKazm
He even has a tutorial video on how to install LED boards

Also @XStanTheManX makes EXCELLENT custom sticks (Which I have one BTW) HE also installs LED boards and can link you to where you might find one.

If you do find one… please let me know because I would like to put one in my TE2 as well…I just never think about it since i never use it due to my custom stick getting all the action.

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If you want a standard LED board, grab one from the MadCatz site.

Want a color changing LED board? Get the LVT3 from ParadiseArcadeShop:

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Yeah, not sure at all how I forgot about Krizm :open_mouth:

Thanks…Paradise Arcade Shop Is All Out. Looks Like I’ll Have To Settle For A Standard Board.