Fightstick Support (PC Version)

Hi Folks,

Ive been waiting for a long time to get my hands on Killer Instinct and be able to play it comfortably with my arcade stick, however I understand its just released etc.

But is it possible to get a link or list to supported arcade sticks at all?

My Hori RAP 4 Kai isnt supported or at least I cant get it working, yet works in every other game, i’m not going to claim to understand the technicalities, as I understand it has something to with DirectInput and XInput, but it seems daft that my Windows 10 PC recognizes my arcade stick directly, yet the one game they release on the store that actually utilizes my peripheral isn’t supported.

Sorry if this is a rant and thank you for your help.

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Isn’t that the playstation one? The windows store explicitly only mentions xbox 360 sticks work, with x1-only sticks coming later. Leave it up to ms to filter out ps sticks on purpose on their windows store games

try using the x360 program to configure and use the stick. thats what i did to get a ps3 stick and my x1 stick both working on the PC version of SF5. when i upgraded to win10 everything carried over, im downloading KI as we speak but im at work. i wont be able to test to see if it worked out until later today

If you’re talking about x360ce, that wont work on KI due to how Windows Store apps work. There is no .exe to start, and the folder that the apps go in is encrypted anyways, so it would be a pain in the ■■■ to get in and set up x360ce even if it did work.

However, I can confirm that InputMapper works, so any controller with an SCP driver package (PS3 & PS4 controllers, primarily) SHOULD work in KI-PC with the right package like DS4Windows. They’re a lot better than x360ce anyways.

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Oh, don’t sweat it. I’ve ranted about this. @BigBadAndy has ranted about this. What you’ve posted is a polite request for information - no need to apologize. :slight_smile:

Yes it is the PS4 stick

strange it is advertised as working with PC. But if they didn’t strictly use X360 drivers in it then MS has set it up so it won’t work with Windows Store games (going back to the disclaimer on the KI page of the store, way at the bottom). Pure evilness. Hopefully those workarounds work.

Ive managed to get it working with Joy2Key, so I guess that will have to do for now, but I don’t agree with having to do this work around at all.

Thanks for everyones help, guess ill just get to the learning the game bit now :grinning:

This sentiment is shared by pretty much everyone. I have been screwing around with all kinds of cheat devices and different fightsticks - TitanOne, Brooks and Mayflash adapters and I also have some 360 sticks that will work. I have spent a stupid amount of money and mental energy on this stuff and so have at least three available workarounds. But it still aggravates me and I am frequently accused of being a MS/IG fanboy on these forums.

The Te2 stick should have had PC driver support ages ago - and it should have more functionality on the Xbox One. Especially with the move towards PC/Xbox integration they are championing now, MS should be jumping in with both feet to make the games compatible with existing PC hardware.

We are finally seeing 360 backward compatible games that will work with X1 fightsticks (yay!) but the PC platform should be open for all controllers. MS has great controllers with their 360 and X1 pads. They will be successful in a competitive market - they don’t need to try to force people to adopt them.

The right hand and the left hand need to talk to each other and sort some of this out. Sorry. End rant.

I haven’t downloaded the Windows version, but I do have Street Fighter 4 on Steam. A trick I used is I plugged in my Xbox 360 fightstick, an old TE1 edition, probably one of the earliest ones, and used xbox 360 controller drivers to install as a device driver for the TE1 instead of it using its own drivers (since Mad Catz didn’t really provide PC device drivers). Works for me pretty well. You could try installing xbox 360 device drivers instead of xbox one.

Hi! I thought I was the only one having issues. Got a Qanba Q1, and it won’t work in-game, despite showing up in the devices list. It’s whatever, I mean the game just came out over here, but it’d be nice to play with my stick is all.

I also have one and I can confirm it’s not working as well.

First, let me say that not supporting all directx fight sticks out of the box was a bad move. I was considering pushing through with the win 10 upgrade on my main PC but if my fight stick won’t work, what’s the point? (i’ve been holding off since, truthfully, is there really any good reason to upgrade from win 7 and deal with the hassles of making sure everything works)?

Anyhow, I haven’t tried this yet myself but I thought of a solution to the Hori Rap 4 fight stick issue. Note that InputMapper doesn’t support this fight stick so it’s not clear what alternatives exist. However, i’m not sure if XPadder works in win 10, but if it does, since the stick is detected as a directx input device, you can map its controls to the keyboard inputs in KI.

I have a MadCatz TE 2 for Xone and I pretty ridiculous, does not work today on PC Win 10. I have a PS4 version too of it also and always worked on the PC. What is the logic of that?

Seitek P880 doesn’t work
Nvidia Shield controller doesn’t work
Playstation 3 controller doesn’t work…

I think right now, all Xinput doesn’t work at all. I hope they will fix it soon, I bought the complete set at 56 $ CAD but I can only play with keyboard…

Microsoft has no reason to actually support PC Gaming they are infact one of the absolute biggest Anti PC gaming companies in the world since they actually have a conflict of interest. The only reason they are bringing some of these xbox games over is because they think it will make people use their terrible windows store gaming system aswell as upgrade to 10

Do you think windows store was designed this badly on purpose or accident? I don’t think big companies like this can do accidents like this. I use joy to key, it sucks, I don’t get many moves with quarter circle because of the delay. Yet all works perfect on fightcade.

Beyond KI I have 0 reasons to support microsoft as they are infact an Anti PC gaming company. Steam is light years ahead of windows gaming store I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Well that mean Windows store will be a big mistake. I understand, it’s a question of Marketing but doing that equal to a suicide with PC players…

Our flagship hardware products aren’t supported on windows 10, what could possibly go wrong! :slight_smile:

Have you tried best ps4 to pc there is

Anything besides joy to key I can use for KI?

Its heart breaking because j2k is bad u don’t get most moves that need quarter circle. Delay is bad and with Microsoft being Anti PC and Anti PS3 the chances seem slim if me ever getting native support with my Qanba Q1 stick.