Fightstick suddenly stops working on Windows 10

I have been using my officially licensed xbox360 fightstick for well over a year for this game and many others. It’s listed here as tested and verified to work with KI:

I have the Streetfighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick Pro by Madcatzs.

I haven’t been using the stick much over the last 2 months but Steam sale came along with a chance for me to grab a full version of KI and some other titles on the cheap. Plugged in the stick which is still recognised as Madcatz Fightsick Neo in Control panel in W10 like it always has.

Found out that only the down direction of the joystick is registering along with down/back but not back/left on it’s own which is weird. Basically I cannot move right, left or up. I can only duck. All buttons are fine. I checked it out in control panel and it’s only registering down and down/back.

I plugged it in to my old xbox 360 and the stick works perfectly. I’ve tried different drivers and removing hardware and scanning for hardware changes. Nothing I do seem to get the stick to work properly.

I can’t be the only one with one of these sticks, anyone else experiencing this or anyone know a fix?
I’ve uninstalled all recent updates from W10 but problem persists across all games because windows10 seems to be the issue here.
I’d appreciate any help or advice from anyone really cos I’m not that tech savvy.

Is it possible for you to revert back to Windows 7… and if it is… would it be practical to do so ?

It’s difficult to revert to 7 if 10 is available - the system will nag you into oblivion about upgrading, and it used to actually force upgrade (though I think that particular gem was removed).

I’ve never heard of a stick having only directional input issues before. I feel like button problems or just having an all-out brick is more common. :confused: Hope someone else is able to help you somehow.

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Is the stick Xbox only, or does it have a function switch for PS3/4/PC? My fight stick is compatible with all but won’t work on Xbox mode on steam, in fact, if steam is running in the background and I’m playing the windows 10 version of KI, sometimes steam interrupts my controller and I lose control as it uses the Xbox setting on the fight stick. Just a thought.