Fightstick Repair

Hey all, hopefully I can find a solution to this.

I recently posted about a recommendation about fightsticks and which one to purchase. I decided to go with the Atrox, (even though there were some complaints) and after a few months of playing, I’ve noticed an issue with the joystick. At first it would randomly register my character to crouch, but today it doesn’t seem to register my movement when moving the joystick down all the time. I would constantly drop combos because qcf’s or qcb’s wouldn’t register. When you purchase this fightstick, it comes with a little screwdriver. I was wondering if anyone knows what exactly I could do to fix this problem, whether it’s just tightening something or replacing a certain part connected with the joystick. Also, anyone else experiencing this problem with their fightsticks or controllers?

Sounds like you may have cracked a wafer switch in the joystick itself. Upside is the Atrox has that neat little compartment underneath the face of stick. Bad news is that makes the joystick freakishly difficult to access w/ even the tiniest of screwdrivers.

I’d check over on the SRK forums (or just google, really) for a tutorial on replacing the Atrox joystick. You may not have to replace the whole thing, just the switchboard (is that what it’s called) but it’s easier to just get a whole joystick, pretty cheap too. It’s the effort that you pay with.

Best of luck! Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I have an Atrox myself, and I love it so far but dread the day I have replace parts…

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Thanks for the info, I’ll look into it.

Do you happen to know if cracking the wafer switch is something that happens often when playing a lot or does it just happen because I’m mistreating my joystick?

I couldn’t say how common it is, but if it is indeed a cracked or broken wafer, I would say that is mistreatment of the joystick - either from carelessness when handling or just going hard when you play. If it’s the latter, just practice more “gentle” precise motions, and your play will improve as well as the longevity of your stick!

I have a problem clobbering buttons myself… :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, it could just be the switches wearing down over time, or a fault in the wiring. Thinking on it, it’d be wise to check over your wiring for damage, kinks or disconnects before pulling the joystick out. If the wiring all seems okay, then go ahead and take the joystick out and apart and check over your switches.

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I see. Thanks for the info, I’ll start looking into it to start repairing. Happy Holidays!

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Atrox uses the same Sanwa JLF joystick as the TE 2 right? My first guess would be that it’s the PCB and “down” switch is malfunctioning. These are really reliable parts but you do lose one occasionally.

You can definitely replace this on your own. I don’t know about accessing in the atrox and would second the idea if visiting SRK. But the part itself is like $12 and you can order it from lots of places like or Paradise Arcade Shop.


thank you for the link to the site and everything.

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