Fightstick Noise

Has anyone found a way to make pressing buttons on a fight stick sound softer?

All has to do with parts. If your fight stick makes button noises by default, you’ll either have to buy a new one or open and replace the parts with ones like these.

Yeah just replace them with silent buttons. They’re not expensive and they’re easy to install.

Have you tried them personally? Cause if you have, how well do they do? I’ve been considering replacing the buttons on my fightstick and these do sound pretty good, as long as they have decent longevity and durability.

You can also get pads that fit inside the buttons that help to silence them. I’ve got some of those myself. I don’t know how they work in comparison, but they do reduce the noise considerably.

Yeah, they are called Button Silencers. I actually have some, and they work amazingly well.

SUPER cheap as well.

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Yeah, these are great. They do change the feel of the buttons though. Doesn’t bother me but my brother can’t stand them.


Use silent buttons they work just fine and the noise does not bother me at all.