FightSessions KI Online Summer Series 7/26

Hey everyone, Yall all know that #ComboKillers will be back this saturday but next Wednesday Fight Sessions KI Online Summer Series is back for some more action July 26th!

This will be a 32 man max DE online tournament, All are welcome to join. Rank does not matter here so come join & have some fun. 1st place will win a $25 XBL gift card!

You can sign up here
Please sign up with your actual GT & read all rules.

Also check out the great work Fight Sessions does for esports, wwe, ufc & mma @

As always we asked to share this around with any KI fam you know of to help grow the scene & support the community.


Hey everyone! Reminder that Fight Sessions KI Online Summer Series is back tonight at 7:30pm cst!
This is a 32 man max DE tournament, Still feel free to sign up because we will have a wait list if we hit the cap in case someone might not show. Check in starts at 5:30 pm cst, If you do not check in by 7:30 pm cst then you will be removed from the bracket! Feel free to contact us for help if your new to the challonge bracket system.

1st place will win a $25 XBL Gift card!
You can sign up here -> Please sign up with your actual GT & add PCK PharrohYami on xbox or pc so we can find you easier. Also make sure you read the info in description to know how it will be ran & rules.

A quick S/O to ItzTymeToDul for wanting to step up in the community & will be joining us tonight on commentary!
As always we want to thank the community for all the support & we look forward to seeing all of yall later tonight on
we will go live @ 7:15 pm cst!

@BlazeDeathBlade @SneerfulWater57 @xFAxDRAGONKING @ZTRAINOVER9000 @LeoFerreis @lHagenl @iDoMusic4Media @PVT1AORyanBay

JOIN UP!! This a free tournament TONIGHT.


Man I would love to play in this, but I hoop on Wednesday evenings.


Im away right now, I don’t return until friday.

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Am I to late? I’m signed up but don’t see my tag on the bracket


no check in has just started, tournament does not start till 7:30pm cst, whats your gt, you might be on wait this since its capped at 32, if your on wait list get hope someone does not check in or show up, you must check in yourself on the sign up page @xFAxDRAGONKING

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All set bro


@FightSessions @KillerInstinct Stream starts now Check in here if you havnt w/ @ItzTymeToDul

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