Fighting Thunder

First off I never could beat this character, even in season 1, and I play Sadira mainly and Aganos as a counter pick.

Thunder V Sadira I think is crazy, it’s a horrible MU for Sadira. (Not saying this is a bad thing, every character has good/bad MUs)

But even Thunder V Aganos is crazy difficult for me. You can kind of keep thunder out with HP/Cr. HK but it just delays the inevitable. If you get in thunder can just backdash out of Aganos’s pressure and if Thunder gets 1 knockdown he wins.

I understand thunder and all his frame data/hit boxes, but I don’t really see a weakness to exploit in any way. In S1 you could zone him out and once he got in you where in trouble, but you can’t really zone him out very effectively now.

I lose all the time to thunder players but I never feel like I’m being out played.

What do you do about Thunder? What is his worst MU? Because any time I played in tournament if I lost to a random person, it was a Thunder player

Thunder is Lame… he’s not as good as you think. If you’re having issues with him it’s because you’re playing him too close. Keep your distance & pick your spots, & he’ll fall apart

I mean, I’ve been doing that as my main game plan, but thunder getting in is an inevitability, what with call of sky, triple axe to beat HP, and a full screen DP, he only needs to get in once. Not to mention he’ll eventually get instinct and he can do a full screen DP and then gash cancel it to make it safe

The only full screen dp that he has is the Medium kick follow up; which btw is completely punishable. All of his dp shenanigans are unsafe. If you play him at a distance he’ll crumble doing almost anything to get in. Some Thunders play patient, others might play aggressive… I can tell you this for sure… if you keep him at a distance & make him play chase… you’ll win everytime… he has some really bad MUS. Most of them aren’t in his favor. Keep him away & punish him for making dumb decisions…

I don’t care how long you been playing this character…thunder is godlike up close.

When using Aganos…stay chunked up and bait out a jump in or normal and just crouching HP or standing HP right through it for the soft knock down and then replace the chunk real quick. If he gets in any closer grab right through his attack and then chunk up again.

Just watch out for triple axe and shadow command grab.

easier said than done but I use the chunks to my advantage by baiting out attacks and chunking through them.

If you can mix that tech with a solid Aganos fundamental combo game… you can at least beat an average or decent thunder.

Now if the Thunder is doing all that damn Sammish, flip out juggle shittt…well… you tell me how to beat that! lol

This is how I feel about Tusk, I’ve only beaten one Tusk player online so far

…and all of his super, long-range grounded heavy normals (s.HP, s.HK, f.HP, c.HK…)

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I know him like the back of my hand… up close & far out. He’s good up close… There are characters on the roster that can out pressure him with their normals though.

Thunders benefit is that he CAN cover any option on the opponents wake up. He has an overhead, throw invincible command grab, invincible dp, low crush move, back dash option selects. Not to mention he has weird mobility. The DP shenanigans can make a confident zoner respect you real quick.

In order to make thunder work, like most characters that are godlike up close, is that he struggles to get in, but he does it better than RAAM.

I’m aware you are a really good thunder player, but I play this character to and understand ppl actively don’t want to be in my face. This makes for my difficult match ups. Ppl are exploiting a weakness.

This is only in accordance to hard knock downs, & whether the opposition has a wake up. “Any” option in that capacity is a little subjective, but I understand what you’re trying to say here.

While he does have these attributes, they only matter in the event that you’re able to be up close and personal; thats of course considering the opposition is smart enough to stay out of the way, & not try to play Thunder too close.

It’s like I mentioned before… His weakness is very straight forward. Staying away from him ultimately means that he can’t deal any damage. Full screen Thunders either have to DP to get in… which is unsafe and punishable on read. Or Call of Sky dash through which is also a cause for intricate calculation. I don’t feel that his mobility is odd at all. I think it’s very straight forward in the realm of competitive play. It’s pretty easy to pull the rug from under his feet if the opposition can control the spacing.

You have to bare in mind that the S3 mechanic negates Aganos’s chunks from working. The neutral heavy moves negate all armor & opens him up to a combo extravaganza. Stay away from him and use those standing normals piously as possible. As a Thunder main, there is absolutely nothing I hate more than an Aganos that is far away from me with a bunch of chunks, or in standing distance but out of reach. Ag has normals that strike out of a range that Thunder cannot reach him. You can pressure with those normals and keep Thunder from getting in.