Fighting Shadow Jago advise

While playing as Gargos I do find the hardest character to fight so far is Shago. I’ve battled 3 in a row and lost two of those three. Most of the time, Shago is still on green health.

The first one I was able to beat relied too muc on teleporting jump in kicks and I was able to hit him so long as I could stay above them. The other one I fought was a bit more smart. Kept throwing fireballs so I kept getting knocked down. So any offensive tactic that works in an arc pretty much shuts me down.

The last and albeit the hardest Shago was the one who was able to literally get all over me like a mosquito. Jumping over and hitting me with the “Pizza Cutter of Doom” attack. Usually I’d use standing nomral HK but he was able to close the distance before the attack’s initiated.

When I typically play as other characters I generally have to wait and defend against whatever shago throws at me and then capitilize on his mistake. But some of the moves Gagos uses like (Light) Reckoning take a bit of build up so I just end up running into a normal or get hit before I can fully execute the attack.

Anyone got any suggestions on what to do with this match up?

Medium reckoning is uooer body invulnerable so use it as an anti air. Use portal punches against fireballs. It si a good trade.

Alright I’ll give that a shot.

Question though: Since the punches track your opponent where they last were, how do they beat the fireballs once they are thrown?

Just take it. You win the trade. Yours do more damage.


One of the things that are difficult against Shago is that he can teleport in your back.

For that I just spend my time in the corner, so he can’t appear in my back.

No you don’t want to do this. Trust me. Being in the corner sucks.

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For some reason, they thought a character who could teleport through space, counterhit anything, and hit you from all 4 directions was a good idea. The strategy against Shago is to just block for your life, then punish with a normal.

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Until now, that’s one of the best strategies I have found, and what made me won most of my fights against him.

Yeah I hate when he gets behind me teleporting catches me every time. Still trying to figure some stuff out in the lab with Shago moves.