Fighting Game Lingo with Max

I think Max might need to go see a therapist…


Just watched this. Great idea.

I like that Max’s interpretation of a “scrublord” is not just someone who is bad at fighting games, but as ANYONE who THINKS they are good at fighting games. That shows that even pros can be Scrublords at times. “Scrublord” is an attitude, not a state of skill.


I only watched this for a few minutes before giving up because of how ridiculous it was (props to his costume design and voicework, though).

Still, I’m a bit disappointed in a lot of FG terms, mostly for their negativity. It’s bad enough that we have a term for someone who’s bad at the game (i.e., scrub), but now we have to have a negative term for people who are confident about their skills too (even if it doesn’t seem deserved)?

You want to know a secret?

There’s ALWAYS going to be somebody better.

Yep, that’s right - that means that makes us all scrublords in the eyes of someone else.

You know what I like to call everybody?

A community.

To whomever created the term scrublord: congrats on successfully insulting the entire FG community (i.e., everyone)…

I guess the trolls really have won. SIGH

“Scrub” is not about being bad. It’s about being bad and making excuses for why you are bad - like calling things “cheap” and saying your opponent was spamming etc.

While that may be true, I guarantee you that it’s often used negatively. For example, someone who’s an arrogant winner, can call me a scrub, even though I did relatively well and am not deserving of the title, simply because they feel even more empowered by putting me down on top of already getting the win. No matter how you look at it, it’s built around a negative connotation - you can’t call me a scrub and mean anything positive by it.

We all lose or do poorly from time to time, and sometimes when that happens, we act out emotionally - and don’t tell me that you haven’t, unless you’re a robot. We’re all human (at least I hope that we are).

It’s kind of like calling someone an idiot - they may not necessarily be an idiot; they just thought of it (whatever “it” is) differently than you did. It doesn’t matter whether their line of thinking was right or wrong - it just is what it is. Putting them down for thinking that way, though, is bad, through and through. Instead of doing that, you can take steps to politey correct them, that way their way of thinking improves.

The same applies to this discussion. If a player plays poorly and is placing the blame on you, simply state what they were doing carelessly that you were able to effectively counter (without getting defensive), and offer suggestions to improve their game by giving them ideas on what else they could do instead, or to perhaps counter what you were doing. For example, I outzone my opponent with projectiles and win. He complains about how I’m a spammer. I can simply tell them that they didn’t block as much as they could have to build meter, or were mistiming their jumps, or didn’t try to dash-in in between projectiles to get closer, or use a teleport or projectile invincible move, etc. That way they’re more knowledgable about what to do in the future and will therefore complain or wrongly place blame less because they LEARNED from the experience, instead of having to walk away from it downtrodden, upset, and beaten…

Boost their morale by helping them understand; don’t lower it by placing a label on them.

You think too much.

I think therefore I am.

I don’t think you get it.
Being confident in your abilities and being good at the game does not make you a scrublord.
A scrublord is one who looks down on others for not being “on their level” and belittles people for it.

If you had seen the video through, you might’ve realized that.
And if you really feel hit by it, then there might be something to it.

Max’s Scrublord character is a purposeful affectation he is putting on to parody the worst side of fighting games (be it form knowledgable, “pro” players or ignorant new players) and use it in an amusing, tongue in cheek way to help educate people on the often-understood terminology of fighting games.

I recommend you watch the entire video from the intended perspective.

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I never said that was the case; I’m following ZDHome’s definition - if that’s wrong, then that’s on him for spreading misinformation…

He was partly wrong, but you could just watch the video yourself instead of pointing fingers.
That way you will get the info right from the source.

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…but the source is weird and freaks me out! :fearful:

That’s not really my problem. XD


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