Fighting EX Layer


Yeah didn’t Justin win the Ex-Layer tournament at EVO last year? I’m sure he loves the game - and he seems like a great guy. But if memory serves he won playing lame (as is his habit) and it didn’t make the game look terrific at a competitive level.

I’d love to buy the game just to support fighting games but we are at the point where there are so many out there that I don’t have the time or money to buy everything. So if the online is sketchy, I really can’t justify it.


Terry looks well animated though…
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The following looks like a good deal ( I am probably in same situation as you. Not enough time to play, too many new FG titles) though with all the free stuff. But $20? Seems reasonable to me…


I wonder how well Terry will translate to this engine. I was never happy about Mai in DoA5 since she played almost nothing like her KoF version (or at least her KoF 98’ version, which is the only one I really liked gameplay-wise), but with Geese in Tekken 7 being proper to his roots and this game being 2D I have hope they can make Terry actually play like Terry.


I also did not like Mai in DoA5LR, something was off in my opinion.
Terry looks like he plays well but I have no idea how faithful to the KOF Terry he is.


I went ahead and picked it up on Steam. The game itself seems pretty fun. The online is trash, which means I’m not likely to get my money’s worth. But it has some really interesting mechanics anyway.


ONce you get teh hang of it the basic game plan is run combo… run combo. THe game really only extends combos out of the run mechanic. THe same button combos do not combo if you are standing still which is odd to me. I like the Ryu/Jago guy and the kung fu karate guy Allen? Those were my best characters.


Yeah, having extra money is dangerous. I don’t like Tekken that much but I still bought it. Now I am thinking to waste my remaining $40 balance on season pass 2 because I like Lei Wulong and A King so much knowing very well that I won’t play the game.

Going to buy FEXL but only because it looks fun…at least I can go to offline events here in Tokyo…sucks to hear about online.


I’m going with the cowboy. He’s a weird combination of one hit half circle motions and then a charge move you cam combo out of.

The run in thing is a little weird but frankly not more “samey” than other games where you have a repeated neutral. But as always fighting games are fun when you have someone of similar skill and experience to play against amdnthats why the online is a real bummer.


I forgot abouthim!!! I havent played my PS4 in months so Ive forgotten a lot about FIghting Layer and Omen of Sorrow.
I need to get back on it but IM so wrapped up in Xbox, Division 2, SEKIRP (OMG FN EPIC!!) MK11, and Metro Exodus. I have 5 more games on XBox back logged as well I need to back to eventually. I guess having all these great games back logged is a good thing? COuld be like cable TV and never anything on to watch lol


Juast got back on my PS4 and FIghting Layer Ex…Terry Bogard is 5.99?? WTF I bought the deluxe edition on release? Owell… looks like he isnt a part of that. Im about to try him out. Luckily I had $4 sitting in my account so it doesnt feel like IM spending too much.

Well… Terry’s model looks good, hell all the characters look great…but…this game just plays the same for all the characters. Every character is dash ddash =run - light light, med med, heavy , special move = combo. Over and over… it just gets old quick.
I really wish it played more like KI or SF…that would be aweosme!!