Fighting Arbiter

So I got absolutely bodied in Ranked 4 games in a row by an Arbiter. Played my ARIA first, then my Omen, same thing. According to both of these matchups are good for Arbiter, but I wouldn’t know really. Can I ask any Arbiter players what you fear in fighting Aria and/or Omen? What’s my strategy against Arby with either of those characters?

Much appreciated and GG’s to the Arbiter player who bodied me!

Your shield. It absorbs projectile attacks.

No, I had the Aria and then the Omen.

Tell me his gamertag, I must avenge my aria comrade.

I’m pretty sure it was “vl A fro lv”

Lol. To beat arbiter imo, u need to play aria in a vortex way with boost body and know arbiter bnb setups. By the way I always thought aria beats arbiter. That tier list should be taken with grain of salt imo, Jago is B ?? He should be right up there at S with fulgore.

Its kinda hard to help if theres nothing specifically to ask help for so ill just give some tips i guess:
If he sticks you with a grenade blocking can be wise(just watch out for his command grab) and grabbing him makes you invulnerable to the explosion). If you are playing omen I am pretty sure you can use 3Kick shadow dodge can nullify the expolsion(and maybe you can hit him with the explosion. As far as range and frames Arbiter has better ranged normals but they are alot slower. Also keep in mind the best place to attack arbiter is above his face as he doesnt have many options. Thats all I could think of at the moment good luck

Thanks, that helps. Neither Aria nor Omen really fear the grenades, it’s the mix of instant rifle shots, command grab and far normals that I find hard to beat.

May I hijack this for a moment?

Noob here, how the hell do you defend against prophet’s bane?

Prophet’s bane is a command throw meaning you can’t tech the throw but you can dodge it by jumping. If you dodge it arbiter is left in recovery for a bit so jumping can turn into a good punish