Fighting against riptor and glacius

I use sadira sometimes and I found that riptor and glacius are two of the most difficult matches I’ve had with her. Any tips, suggestions?

Any help? O_o

I main Glacius and I’ve always found Sadira to be a pain in the ■■■ to fight and from what I can see in the footage you’ve put up here’s what I could see that you could focus on:

  • Slow down your approach. Glacius is pretty punishable and slow so try to force him to make mistakes and punish him for missing.
  • Save your shadow meter and work on react punishing hail and shatter with shadow blade demon since they’re both projectiles in S3.
  • Ice lance is -8 on block, you should be able to punish on reaction with a shadow blade demon. Can’t say for sure cos I don’t play as Sadira but from looking at the frame data it should punish.
  • You seemed to be jumping a lot when you shouldn’t have, you should stay a little more grounded until you’ve establish that you’ll punish their hail/shatter/lance with a shadow blade demon or shadow counter if they’re going lance then cold shoulder.
  • You can punish a blocked shadow puddle punch with normals. Shadow counter isn’t necessary.
  • You do exchange enders in the corner. I suggest you keep corner pressure with the other 2 enders unless you really think you can get that left/right instinct web mix up and even then I think it’s a waste of your instinct. In this match up especially, not allowing Glacius any room to walk backwards is key to winning.
  • Add air combos/juggles to your game so you push your opponent to the corner as much as possible. Use your blade demon linker for the same reason.
  • Anti air those jumping lance kicks as much as possible. Anti Air recluse even brings your opponent towards you so you can use that to suck them in to your effective range.
  • When jumping use a variety of your kicks to mess up with their timing out of block stun. Obviously heavy kicks give the most block stun but it’s easy for them to react to tick throws and what not.
  • That Glacius didn’t seem to use puddle punch very often but know that you can hit it with a meaty attack on the way up.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I appreciate it.

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The Riptor you were fighting seemed to like her Primal Linkers quite a lot; I’ll give you a bit of advice on breaking her. If an attack uses either a gout of fire or a sweep of the tail, it’s a heavy attack. No exceptions.

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