Fighter similarities?

Is there similarities from the KI characters to the other fighting game characters?

Jago seems the “Ryu” in KI. And TJ Combo - the “Balrog” & “Jax”.

Orchid seems “Cammy”.

In alot of fihting games it’s always inevitable that one will draw similarities with different characters.

Technically, KI started out as a mix of SF and MK so it would make some since that you would draw these conclusions between Jago and Ryu etc. But unlike SF KI still has a much more diverse cast :U

Hisako I heard has some similarities to Makoto from SF

everything under the sun has been done, you can’t expect every ender to be unique

SFV character models reminds me of KI1-2 esthetically. I mean without the absurdly small waists KI had.

Orchid is nothing like Cammi. Atleast gameplay wise, visuals and storywise only similarities are that they are both military types and even then Cammi is an official soldier while Orchid is more a rebel gorilla fighter.

I agreed:

Of course…

Jago / Shago

  • Ryu


  • Dahlsim (in his current incarnation)
  • Subzero
  • Iceman / T-1000 (not an FG character, but that is his roots)


  • T. Hawk
  • Nightwolf


  • Cammy
  • Sonya Blade


  • Mileena (who I think of anyway)
  • Nitara (who I think of anyway)


  • Cyrax / Sektor

TJ Combo

  • Balrog
  • Dudley
  • Jax


  • Shang Tsung
  • Anakaris (Dark Stalkers)


  • Talon (Primal Rage)


  • Scorpion (the fire) (the Glacius/Cinder paradigm…ice/fire…Subzero/Scorpion)
  • Human Torch ()

For the others…

  • Maya
  • Spinal
  • Sabrewulf
  • Omen
  • ARIA

…I can’t really think of any direct FG character comparisons.

Spinal was inspired by Jason and the Argonauts, but I think he was the first FG character of his kind, and though ARIA’s design was inspired by the concept of MvC, I can think of any direct comparison.

But in total, there were plenty of similarities with many of the other characters.

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  • Ultron


  • Tremor
  • The Thing
  • Juggernaut


  • Jason & the Argonauts
  • Pirates of the Caribbean


  • Tanya


  • Cammy
  • Sonya Blade
  • Jade


  • Ryu
  • Jin Kazama


  • Mileena
  • Spider-Man & Spider-Woman


  • Talon
  • Reptile


  • Scorpion
  • Human Torch
  • Pyron

I think you should change this to Talbain. Fits better with gameplay IMO.

Yea I think even Isgreen made this comparison before he was released

[quote=“swordman09, post:10, topic:2556”]
I think you should change this to Talbain. Fits better with gameplay IMO.
[/quote]Forgot about Talbain for Sabrewulf.

I forgot about Pyron too. lol

Of course their are similarities…its a fighting game, its not an rpg. So you are bound to find some similarities across the board.

It like fighting in real life, some people study the same type of martial art.

The game its self though is what seperates its fighting from other fighters, when you land multiple 30+ hit combos in a round, you don’t wanna go back to 5 - 8 hit combos well at least for me… I can’t get into MK or SF anymore because it all feels the same and they feel outdated, KI feels new, plays new, and has more action IMO.

the real point is. I say we should just enjoy KI’s diversity within it’s roster. Not many other fighting games have quite the level of variety as KI. Only other game that can rival it is Darkstalkers.

I haven’t played dark stalkers, but I do agree that KI has the diversity it needs to seperate its self from other fighting games. SF and MK feel like the COD of fighting games, they change a little here a little there but in the end its all the same re hashed material.

And IG and DH should capitalize on that.

Darkstakers is a pretty neat game, it has a lot of uniqe fighters to pic from. And the sprite animation is charming and awesome at the same time.

If anything, Tekken and Soul Claibar are more like that. Every tekken game I have played feels exactly he same, and so does Soul-Calibar, they really don’t do much other than change the designs of some characters a little bit. After playing all the way up to SC5 and almost every Tekken game, I’ve gotten so tired of it. There was one weird point after kiling Pyrra one morning where I began to look back and see if I wasted my energy playing the whole franchise…I know that’s weird right? one annoying character making you wonder if there was a point to even playing SC? thankfully no, just SC5.

MK and SF may be the big-boys on the block but I can say that MK1 isn’t the same as MKX, granted MKX didn’t hit its mark for me in some places. And after sampling KI I kinda feel there’s hardley a point in making your combos diverse. Just use the one good combo. But it’s not all bad, it just valures more what you do in neutral and you can run away with the game after that, it’s really just skin deep.

When it comes to roster diversity though MK and Street Fighter won’t ever be able to compete with it by any large margin. This is really because I don’t see many different humans from different countries to count as diversity, since Tekken and countless other fighting games followed this formula of a nearly all human cast. Tekken does a little bit better of a job but they barely even try. cept for the occasional bear and devil that probably just comes every other game or so. but 90-99% of the cast are just humans from different parts of the world.

While MK has improved a bit with their unique body size of characters and body-types, it still not a very huge margin. also bringing in a sluth of guest characters does not count either : p

I’m not even bothered that some folks will make some similarity call outs between Jago and Ryu. Hell I think it may just be one of the standards fighting games should have: that one guy everyone can start the game with to know the basics. But one of the ultimate standpoints I think EVERY single fighting game should strive for, and that is roster diversity. and KI does that well. I also beleive that just you have that “starter character” in a fighting game, doesn’t mean they have to have a bland looking design. In my opinion Jago’s the best damn looking beginner character right now.

You’ll find alot of the fighters will share similar tropes to a bunch of other characters from different franchises, but you can bet that in a crowd of Dhalsim’s Glacius will stand out. Though this is my opinion.

The only thing holding MK is its brutality and over the top violence. They know this and they will milk it as long as they can. When it comes to the actual fight mechanics though SF and MK don’t hold a candle to KI’s fighting system. And IG and DH should take pride in that.