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Hello. I’m new to the forum & and the gaming community (but a KI fan since the 90’s). I bought the Definitive Edition on Xbox One S and I’m getting acclimated to the game. So far, I’m blown away!!

Here’s my question. Is there talks about bringing back Orchid’s (mind the spelling) Gyru Kayaku or also known at the “helicopter leg spin” featured in KI2? And other classic moves like the Ichi, Spinning Sword, and Lasaken or Tonfa Fire? With the advent of downloadable content, it seems logical to offer it as an upgrade if the creators would develop it. Has there been any word on this subject?

First, welcome. Second, it’s not easy as you think. You have to also consider how adding things will affect the balance of the game. The reason why Orchid doesn’t have X move is simply because she doesn’t need it and adding more the could definitely put OP territory. At least not without heavily nerfing her in another area to compensate.

  1. Bring moves to characters that have been in the game since Season 1 that haven’t really gotten any previously and don’t really need them? No, more than more than likely not.

  2. Doesn’t she have the helicopter kick? Am I thinking of wrong move? Isn’t laser sword jagi’s QCB P? Am I missing something?

First Welcome to our community. Second probably not like people before it would just make her op or doesn’t fit her new style so its useless. Try playing with her some more then comeback and you decide if she really needs. But still she probably wont.

That’s flick flak you’re talking about (used in the first game). The heli-kick was in only KI2. Go to 3:55

That’s just it. After a month, I find that my favorite character’s moves are a bit lackluster. And it’s a bit unfair that most of her moves can be countered because she automatically announces what’s she’s gonna do…ie: “Coming Through!” = Blockade Runner “Take That!” = Fill Flak. Overall, I’m happy Orchid is back, but I think I’m just overcome with nostalgia. Thanks for the replies!

To ease your mind a bit, you should know that the audio cues for her moves occur in a timeframe relative to the animation such that it is not possible to defend based on audio. The announcements will not help your opponent in any meaningful way.

People will crouchblock in neutral preemptively because they know Slide is a threat. Pre-conditioning by virtue of movelist is powerful, especially combined with Grenade and plentiful mix-up options.

I hope new Orchid grows on you! Different can definitely be a good thing! Welcome aboard!

Welcome fellow :crown:Orchid​:crown: fan!

You like seem to be a lot like I used to be when I first encountered the announcement by Double Helix on the newly designed orchid
I feel now after a few years that IG/ Keits have done her justice (moveset-wise) by balancing her offense/ defense as opposed to
every character in KI 1995 having a projectile an anti-air moves rush down moves & etc

While I am not one of her best players, ( I still cannot get that airbuster/ air throw melee showcase together!)
I am one of her biggest fans as she will always be my sole favorite KI and possibly favorite character ever across-the-board
some people like wonder woman some people like Phoenix some people prefer chun li-

But orchid in any form of edit or enhancement is a GODDESS amongst characters (paranoid or not) lol

DH kept her firecat/ airbuster/ slide/ cartwheel kick/ ichi ni san,
subtle elements such as building/ helicopter/ high bpm theme/ dark hair
DH added a firecat uppercut/ ultimate style instinct firecat projectile
IG added her grenade toss/ upgraded her shockwave shadow move
IG added a surprise factor to her slide to cancel into airbuster

I think we orchid fans came out with few battle scars , minus the graphical elements DH provided

Hope you grow to love her unique setup/ idle stick twirls/ best taunt ever👑

Welcome! I’m really glad to see new folks picking up the game, and especially glad to see you found your way to the forums. I hope you find it a welcoming and useful environment and that you stick around. There’s a lot of good stuff going on around her, regardless of how you like to play the game.

Regarding your questions, I tend to agree with others that we aren’t likely to see these moves make their way into Orchid’s repertoire at this point - although it isn’t impossible. Some of her current moves (like her grenade) were added in the between season updates so anything is possible. It has also been discussed that they might add “Shadow” versions of other characters. If this happens with Orchid, then a Shadow Orchid might go back to some of KI1/KI2 Orchid’s moves for inspiration. Not likely, but it’s possible.

As far as the current iteration, as you can imagine it’s really hard to take a pair of 20 year old games and make something modern out of them. They were never going to simply copy the moves or characters from the old games. I like to think of the current characters and their move sets as an homage, or “inspired by” the characters in the old games. If you think about it, KI1 and KI2 are probably more radically different from each other than almost any fighting game franchise. So it makes sense that the far distant sequel/reboot would be pretty different as well. If you think of it in that context, you can see little hidden references to people’s movesets in places, like their autodouble animations, throws or normals that resemble their old moves. Some of these are super subtle while others are not. It’s kind of fun to see if you can find all of these - and it takes a bit of the sting off the nostalgia burn that missing the original moveset might cause. just my 2 cents

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