FIGHT ON! KI Documentary

here’s a trailer
Comming June 9th!


Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! :smile: :grin: :+1:


Damnn you beat me to it! lol


It was uploaded about 57 minutes or so then I linked it instantly.

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Hell yeah!

Can’t wait.

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Definitely interested!

It’s finally here!


I’ll watch it with a meal later.

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It was a great documentary. Watching the end seems to make it clear there is not currently another KI in development, which is unfortunate. Hopefully it was just a red herring and there is a plan for a Series X announcement.


I hope we do get it. But also after watching it, I hope the sequel does continue with the roster that is this unique.

Did yall see my 2 cameos??? lolol

My forum post sharing the KI devs open letter ot the community and at the very last shot of the film Im standing in frame at the KI world cup…but its my back, you can see its me with my Bloodborne hoody lol

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I picked up on your forum post that was highlighted, but I admit I didn’t see you in the footage.

Great documentary and definitely worth watching. Shows a lot of love for KI and does a lot to advance the idea that a sequel is warranted. I’m impressed that he included a discussion of the toxic feedback loop from the player base over the frequent balance changes, but I admit, I would have liked to see a bit more thorough discussion of some of the games challenges along the way. He did a great job covering the transition between developers, including getting interviewees to confirm some stuff that we thought we knew all along - namely that the sale of Double Helix caught MS flat footed and IG had an extremely tight schedule to start producing content. But things like the Shadow Jago community fund are treated as an unmitigated testament to the support of the community. But as someone who kicked in quite a bit of money to that, and to the second community fund (I can’t remember exactly what that one was - the post S3 characters?) I would have liked to hear something about how/why it took so long to sort out what tournaments were going to be supported and where the money went etc. Probably he looked at that stuff and decided there wasn’t much upside to spending 15 minutes on “we ran out of money so only 1/3 of the cast got ultimates.” I just think there are some “warts” that are part of the KI 2013 story that deserve to be discussed too. Not just to be negative but I think they are educational about the realities of trying to make games and interact with gaming communities. For example, one thing he didn’t touch on (just a couple of passing mentions) was the updated designs for characters like Thunder and all the female combatants. He also didn’t say a word about combo assist.

Anyway, all of that being said, it’s a great piece of work. It’s almost two hours long as it is and includes a lot of great content. Reminded me of some of the reasons I really wanted to be part of the community in the first place - especially the clear affection for the game and philosophy of trying to capture what was cool about the original(s) while updating it for a modern audience and providing an accessible pathway for people to get into it.

Random tangent that probably only interests me: I think @TheKeits and @Infilament should start a web series where they look at a variety of different fighting games, break down their core philosophies and gameplay, character design, and then show some high level match analysis. If that popped up on Kickstarter I would back it.


Yeah I saw it. Good on ya mate!

you are internet famous sir lol


Cool! Yeah you cant tell its me at the end unless you know me becasue its just me from behind. THe only thing that gives it away is my Bloodborne hoody with the huge cleaver saw on the back. Not a true cameo…lol… just a “extra” on the set so to speak.

I hope no one looks at the forum post part and thinks me and the post are a representation of the toxic community. It very well could come across like that.


If you’re quick enough to read anything at all it’s pretty clear they lit your post up because you we’re talking about toxic members of the community. I suspect they didn’t want to be accused of attacking anyone, so instead they showed a picture of you doing it, lol.


LOL… good catch! I like that thought behind it… Ill take that one for the team!


This documentary is the best reason for me to buy the Xbox Series X.

And that’s that.

Fantastic documentary, and it really shows the passion and love that went into making the game.

I do gotta ask though: what exactly happened with the toxic fan base? I wasn’t here for that.

In terms of balance discussions for pretty much any game (the StarCraft and Mortal Kombat franchises are my personal experiences), the community is always toxic, hostile, and non-constructive to developers when discussing balance. It’s always embarrassing, sad, and a reason I rarely look to forums to properly discuss balance.

So since that’s normal, what exactly did the Killer Instinct community do that pushed it beyond that?