Fight me you shadowy heathens

I was bodied by an omen a few days ago and I would like to learn the match up. Would you guys mind senselessly beating me so that i may learn.


@ItzTymeToDul @FallofSeraphs76


Ill be on in about 30 mins
Add me FallofSeraphs76 and I will invite you

(Ill prob loose… badly LOL)

I’m not good but I’ll try my best :+1:

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@HATDOOM Hey dude sorry I missed you, I got on at 5pm , added you and waited for you to get online fro a couple hours. When you sent me a message I was already done playing and eating supper with the kids and some Netflix.
Give me a certain time frame for Saturday or Sunday and Ill be on . Im in central time zone.
Saturday…a good time for me is 10am-3pm Central

Sunday is pretty wide open until 8pm

sunday at 9 you down. Yeah sry dude I was at the work but yeah ill be free sunday at 9 is that ok?

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9am central time?

nah dude 9 pm central time sunday sunday sunday

actually 5pm ur busy until 8 i misread that

Ok that will work! 5pm sunday… Who do you use? WHats the match up?

mainly thunder though i dabble in jago and spinal. Usually its like hey can u get in? Yes lel i built up 3 bars while you where walk blocking your way in you aint catching ■■■■ cya ■■■■■.


ggs dude criticism is welcome

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Yes GG! I think you definitely have the right idea down. Very could Cross up Sammish juggles, that honestly you could have counter broke me every time.

Maybe more blocking on wake up could help you and using your invincible DP more. (if he has one?)

Use more of the tic throw set ups instead of multi hit block strings that I was able to shadow counter easily. Notice you got me on the tic throw stuff every time.

One thing I had to learn the hard way is you dont always have to be the one that pushes the tempo and applies pressure when the opponent is just blocking and waiting for you to make a mistake.
Against Omen you can wait for him to mess up and clobber the hell out of him if you can block well.

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Thx man ill see if i can apply this. I could probably get better at anti airing to so much of omens game is tricky air approaches

My advice would to just block it out. Prepare fro a possible tic throw off the jump in or the over head cross up where it looks like he is going over your head and then he falls back down in front of you.

Then of course watch his meter for the shadow form.

I know my main problem is i try to break too much and get locked out and eat big damage.

Yeah dude i heard there was a throw os off a blocked jump in ill see if i can use that. Also the fake crossup thing is really good gets me like 90% of the time. Im sure ill recognize it more if i play more omens but still.

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