Few questions regarding Killer Instinct World Cup

Ok so I plan on being there, the event starts at 8am CST on Friday, but what time does the KI last chance qualifying pro battle sign up start? Better yet, what’s the difference between last chance qualifying pro battle and the normal last chance qualifiers on Saturday. Here’s the Facebook link https://m.facebook.com/events/1255078417871104/

Are they separate? I have 22 KIWC points, do these mean anything?

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Your points mean nothing unless you are already deemed QUALIFIED

There is only 1 last chance qualifier and its a free sign up with your pass

It all goes down Saturday…no times have been revealed yet.

Any questions ask Brandon but good luck getting a straight answer out of him… he is a busy dude and thinks everything that’s out here is self explanatory. ( Which i disagree as I too have many questions that havent been answered…owell)

Make sure you get the guaranteed pass because if you get the cheap pass you arent guaranteed to have entry into the finals on sunday

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Schedule is up! https://twitter.com/KIWorldCup/status/838894636986994688


Anyone have a link to the official seeding of every player?

Thanks for the schedule. Unfortunately I’m even more confused. So basically Friday is only for signing up for the last chance? Friday is for the sign up while Saturday is the actual last chance tournament? Lol at this point I feel like I need someone to take baby steps with me so I know just what to do.

This is 100% correct.

This has not been clarified. Stay tuned.

Interesting, I guess the rest of the day is just for hanging out. I don’t really care for all of the other non KI things but I guess it would be a good time to fight some good sets with the community. Thanks man!

So what is the pro battle then?

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Will the event be streamed live like last year?

Someone’s twitch channel?

Team Spooky was announced to carry the stream.

Its a KI convention lmao. I’m totally excited for that. I want to play a lot of games.