Fellow TJ called me out

Sent me a nastogram saying I rage quit on a lag drop. So, he sent me an invite. I don’t think he liked the results. Got blocked:


That last blow to the jock strap though… RIP
Nicely done lol :laughing:

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Nice job. He is probably questioning his KI career right about now :joy:

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I mean. I don’t mind losing. I really don’t. In fact, I learn more when I lose. And I never give up. So, I take it personal when somebody says I rage quit, because they get the jump on me in my first match of the night after drinking a cold one and the game drops on the first life bar. Lol.

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His career will go on. Hopefully, with a little humility. I scraped the hell out of this dude. And this was the 2nd match of demolition. I thought one clip was enough.