Feel the Wrath of Gargos - Shadow Jago Combo Thread

They say that sharing meter is caring, but the jury is out on this one.

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Darkness will rise…

Stay Tuned

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Here’s one I found on the internets


@FinchoMatic, that seems more of a Tech video to me.


is a combo video.

I made this just for the forums. Enjoy!


Breakable yet sweet combos!! I love it!! :joy:


Stylish, yet highly breakable Combos are the best! XD

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Fancy combos

do you have any combos starting at neutral? How do you get in with this character? Besides MP and MK i dont really know how else to play neutral. And how about corner pressure?

It’s hard because most of his approaches are unsafe.

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Ive got full shouto on him. cr.MK > Fireball all day.