Flash and the KI community insults at an all time high, promoting alcohol and drugs that comes with a price, Millions die over stupidity, it takes no skill in getting drunk. Poor character, try something new say no to drugs. Life is important or not! Ask the people close to you, then you will find out where their heads are at positive or negative!

i’ll keep the drugs and alcohol, thanks

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So a new song or poem that you’re writing/composing there? :wink:

I agree, but I need my natural herb

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What in the world is this? I don’t know but I like it.

Drugs and alcohol are so good, that they will ruin your life.

They are the perfect solution to every problem.

But it takes amazing mental fortitude to not let it get out of hand.

I personally am a very responsible person, so marijuana and drinking for celebration are quite fun, but I would NEVER do either of them to the point of sickness or long lasting danger. Peer pressure has no effect on me, but for others, maybe complete abstinence is a good idea.


It important for people to know themselves and their dealer before starting anything.

Don’t do Cr@<k, Meth, BathSalts, or Heroine… stay away from LSD if you have heart problems.

when you walk through the world by oneself you cant be protected, your trust is in whiskey weed and slayer, its goddamn electric

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I have no idea what the OP is trying to say or what this is about…can anyone explain?

Personally I find no harm in drugs if you can do it responsibly and can afford it. If you cant afford it and you cant handle it… then you shouldn’t do them.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say he’s talking about people putting blunts and beer cans…ect on their avatars/user picks 🤷

Hmmm… Maybe my avatar needs a purple sprite bottle lol