Feedback for the new ranking system

First item:
Once I hit Killer, I don’t want to slowly rank down just because I spent time enjoying the other features or games. I like the way Killer rank shows people that at some point, I was good enough with a character to have beaten my way to the top. I think it should be permanent, but give me the option to step down if I’ve been inactive for long enough.

Second item:
Suggestion: You know how we have a separate level for each character? I’d like to see our overall rank become attached to individual characters. Being ranked Killer is pretty vague. I’d like people to know specifically which characters I have reached Killer with.
Because we all know, you can clean house with one character, but as soon as you try a different character, you’re back to nearly square one with learning timings and rhythms. I know this is supposed to be reflected in the character level, but you can level up to 50 in single player. Whereas rank is a multiplayer feature.

As stated, I’d like Killer to be permanent, but let us rank up to it on an individual character basis.

Some might not like this. And it might be a difficult change to implement with the current system already in place. But I would love to see this.

me too on first item.

it’s like losing a save game, which is always bad.
KI was something we invested in.

Also, always fun to move up the ranks when there’s lot of ranks to move up … that’s gone too. :frowning:

… if it’s a vote …

They have already said they are looking into extending the rank down feature to 2 or 3 months of inactivity instead of just 1 month, but your online rank is less of a “saved game state,” and more on “an online rank.” IG/MS are just changing the specifications for being a Killer: now you have to play ranked a certain amount to maintain your status.

Honestly the rank down feature shouldn’t be that big of an issue. If you make it to killer, ranking down to Gold doesn’t change much, as it really only affects your pride. BUT, if you really care about being a Killer and doing well, you’ll just play…that is my 2 cents anyway. And I say this as a Killer who doesn’t play ranked very often; I prefer to play Shadow Lab more than anything else at the moment. Once I achieved Killer, I just put KI down for like 3-6 months since…well…I achieved Killer.

With this new season, I’m actually looking forward to the monthly resets as my goal has never been to get Top 32, but rather just be “good enough” to compete. I don’t have that much time to play/practice, but I enjoy the climb to Killer, and really, having the ability to climb monthly, I look forward to using it to play different characters and achieve Killer status multiple times. This seems like a fun and worth while goal!

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All you have to do is play ONE KILLER MATCH A MONTH to keep your status…I don’t understand? Ranked is a competition. If you are inactive in the competition then you should not be placed at the same level of active ppl. Killer is not meant to display skill. Is a point to show that you win so often you are among the proficient players in the game.

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Also, you don’t slowly rank down. You rank down ONCE. And you rank down to the next lowest rank. Ask you need to do is gather enough points. Win the promotion match and boom. Then after that, play ONE KILLER MATCH and youre good.

The feedback I’ll give is that the placement system needs work, why are top 32 killers getting placed in bronze?

I think it’s because everyone should start from the bottom, even though they aren’t at the bottom.

My complaint is wtf did I have to play the same guy twice when I was qualifiers. And I lost to him twice. Ended up in silver because it. Shouldn’t play the same person twice when qualifying. It defeats the purpose

If you are gold or killer now it’s 2/3 now. Bronze/silver is one match.

I agree with your second suggestion. I don’t only disagree with your first suggestion, I also think you should derank even if you play and keep losing 70-80% of the matches. That’s how leagues work, at least the ones I know, not only in videogames but also in RL. If a sports team fight its way till the first division that’s great, but they wont stay there just so others can see what they accomplished. If they are last the next season they will get demoted

yeah id like to see multiplayer only leveling, ecause you can figher a level 30+ character, but they know nothing about how different the game is online and how you cant really just button mash becauase the games SP AI doesn’t really reflect zoning and waiting properly

That’s only once you’ve gotten out of qualifiers though and are playing Killer/Gold matches. I’m talking about when I was playing my 10 qualifier matches, I had to play against the same guy two times in a row. So 20% of my qualifying matches were against the same guy (who had a star next to his name btw).

Days and Days if not weeks of grinding to put you back to the bottom simple because you did not have time or simple did not want to play for that month… At least keep the max rank you ever had somehow on your Tag.