Favorite YouTube gamers/YouTube gaming channels

Who are your favorite YouTube gamers/YouTube gaming channels or ones that you enjoy watching the most?

Some of the YouTube gamers/YouTube gaming channels that I currently enjoy watching include:
The Bowlingotter Show or just simply The BS
Maximilian Dood aka Miles923
Rangris Gaming

Max and the Grumps

Max as in Maximilian Dood and the Grumps as in The Game Grumps, yes? Egoraptor too?

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YOOOOOOO!.. Video Games.

Started/created AND hosted by none other than Max himself (along with few of his pals/buddies and his wife) :wink:

YouTube gaming and I have had a somewhat complicated relationship, with different content creators peaking my interest at different times.
On and off I’ve defaulted on Vanoss, Maximilian, Markiplier, Criotic, XboxAhoy, Drift0r, TotalBiscuit, Gopher, H.A.M. Radio Podcast, and occasionally Machinima and Rooster Teeth.
I tend to enjoy well made tutorials and bits of lore, as well as the occasional bit of light hearted comedy and some news.

Well it’s hard to pick which are my favs, but I’ll list two. They are…

  • Maximillian Dood/Miles923 (DUH!)
  • withakgames (in case you don’t know who that is, it’s Erika Harlacher, Sadira’s VA. She’s got a gaming channel for those who aren’t aware…)

Superman Sajam
Geoff the Hero
Paul Ramos
King Black Toof
Juicebox FGC
True Underdawg
Jack Septiceye

And honorable mention to @CStyles45, I love his KI videos.

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