Favorite Ultra Ender

After a well deserved win (and maybe a triple ultra for good measure), your character peforms the finishing blow, sealing the round.

Who finishes with the most style? Vote below!

  • Jago (Sword Slice)
  • Saberwulf (Wolf Flip)
  • Glacius (Ice Spike)
  • Thunder (Lighting Stirke)
  • Shadow Jago (Edgy Sword Slice)
  • Sadira (Widow’s Kick)
  • Orchid (Lil Buddy)
  • Spinal (Spooky Finish)
  • Fulgore (Presicion Laser)
  • TJ Combo (Brutal Haymaker)
  • Maya (Dropkick)
  • Kan-Ra (Da book)
  • Riptor (Fiery Girl)
  • Omen (Shadow Slice)
  • Aganos (The Rock’s Elbow)
  • Hisako (Vengence Stirke)
  • Cinder (“You know I’ll win this”)
  • ARIA (Perfection)
  • Kilgore (I’m the Bomb!)
  • Kim Wu (Dragon Fist)

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  • Tusk (Gladiator Flip)
  • Arbiter (Judgment Sword)
  • Rash (Big Fist)
  • Shin Hisako (Spirit Slice)
  • Mira (Bloody High Claw)
  • General RAAM (Locust Wrath)
  • Gargos 1 (God of Earth)
  • Gargos 2 (God of Flight)
  • Eyedol (Mage’s Rage)
  • Eagle (Spirit Arrow)

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Thanks for your particpation! (Polls only allow up to 20 options at once)


There’s a ton of good ones. My votes go to Shin Hisako & ARIA.

ARIA’s has that sass to it & Shin Hisako’s back pose after that final slash is just too good

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Shin hisako free.

Samurai sword slice into pose then the opponent is cut will always be badass to me.



Damn, best animated moves do not have even any use in combat.

Cinder has my favourite. Looks so slick.
Kim Wu probably has the worst imo. Which is a shame seeing as she’s one of my favourite characters.

I like all of them, but TJ’s has that power I used to feel in the first KI. Like…You can feel the hit, like it hurts, it has weight on it. So I’ll put it as my fave.


I like ALL of the Ultra Enders for me here overall :grin: :slight_smile:

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  1. Cinder.
    Dat flip kick is the best/stylish move from him ^^.

  2. Maya.
    Double drop kick. It always gonna leave a mark lol.

  3. Orchid.
    Firecat finish th fight. good one^^

I’m biased, but I think Shin Hisako’s is the best. Free.

Glacius, Aganos, and Tusk are my runner ups.


I wonder where’s the love for Shago. It’s like Jago…but edgier


Nothing is more disrespectful than being hit with Da Book, though I don’t play Kan-Ra myself.


Thats how I feel about Raams…its the same concept as TJ…just heavy, Hard and Brutal!

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ZI’m surprised that people liked RAAM’s ender so much. I expected less then what is presented. Shin Hisako wasn’t that surprising, it is kinda the most cinematic.

Kilgore and Spinal and Shin Hisako seem to be the top picks. Shin Hisako was expected, and who doesn’t love to watch someone getting hit in the crotch with a giant skeleton arm. Guess people like watching Kilgore blowing himself up. Must be all that zoning hate.

Not because I’m a fan, but because orchid’s recalls her kigold ultimate

:joy::joy::joy::joy: underrated comment.