Favorite Thing To Do With Your Character?

What are your favorite stunts that you can pull off with your character (or multiple characters) in matches? Those moments that keep playing them exhilarating?

For me with Kim Wu:

  • Tricking opponents into advancing with Way of the Dragon, then hitting them hard right in the face by cancelling into Dragon Kick.
  • Turning a shadow reversal into a ~50% comeback juggle to take a match.
  • Dragon cancelling a whiffed shadow reversal into a grounded dash and grab.
  • Winning a close match with a well-placed parry.
  • Swatting away jump-happy opponents’ approaches with MP.

Step 1: Recruit 12 year old cousin
Step 2: Select Riptor
Step 3: Win
Step 4: Lie to him about which character is stronger than Riptor
Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4

I do this every Christmas


Arbiter setup combos in corner!


Raining justice from above with Eagle’s arrows

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Annihilate a health bar.

Knock someone down, summon an orb, instead of activating the orb for a mix up I walk up and grab them


Forcing people to sit there and watch as I slowly gain my health back.


As a Sadira main… EVERYTHING is joy.

However if I was to pick one, getting a lock out and jump cancelling Shadow Widows Bite into a high damaging combo.

Also any fancy looking Web combos are fine.

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Eagle setup combos in corner is my favorite thing too. :wink:

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They’re not bad out in the open as well. The hitsun from them can cause some flashy combos (triple manuals, command jump within a combo aka circus Eagle)


Confirming with fulgore with cr. Mk > m blade dash at max range :smiley:

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Parrying something on pure reaction or a hard read.

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Resetting someone twice one way (i.e. command grabs), and then resetting them a third time with the punish for getting out of the first two (cr.MK reset).

Also, getting perfects. :slight_smile:

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Yolo Tail Flips.

And Punching people through walls.

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Mantis cash outs, especially unexpected crazy ones, it’s like “ooh, my old fingers did the thing!”

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Mien are.

-Perform a combo with only kicks and finish it with an ender that does a kick.
-Dish out as much damage as possible with one combo then try to top it with another
-Get 50% or more with a combo

and the hardest one.
-Beat @Jeffron27 in a Raptor match without loosing a green bar

Instantly parrying both the opponent’s Special Moves and Shadow moves with Spinal in exchange for Skulls. The best part? The unpredictability of said thing.

Not using Shadow Jago’s former Ultimate in a match, seeing as 95% of the players will most likely dodge it.

Doing meaty dp on the opponent’s wake up and after a bit, grab them after they decide to block.

Make juggles as Cinder and fake someone into thinking the Recap is going to hit, where it misses and I can continue with cr.HP

Copying the Stage Ultra pose lol